3 Months Baby Sleep Training – How I Got My Baby To Sleep Fast And Sweet All Night Long

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So you want to know more about 3 months baby sleep training? Is it really possible? Yes, it is. If you follow some simple sleep techniques and patterns, you can easily learn to fall asleep without your baby. Even if they did not get to sleep that night.

Sleep training does not have to mean punishment. It is not punishing. It just means your baby is getting used to a sleeping routine. When your baby is not used to sleeping in a pattern, it just makes it harder for them to sleep at night. This thing has actually been on my mind since my first baby slept through the night.

Get Good Sleep With A Rambunctious Baby – 3 Months Baby Sleep Training

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My baby was only about three weeks old when I started this method. Since I only let him sleep with me on nights I knew he would not be able to sleep through the night. That was fine with me because it meant he got used to being alone and away from me. But what about my poor sleeping partner? How could she get good sleep with a rambunctious baby who just couldn’t hold his own?

Well, I learned very quickly. All I had to do was match his pace to mine. He would wake up one minute past my time and I would roll over and try to catch him before he got the chance to roll over onto me. Little did I know that this method worked like a charm.

My husband did not like this system as much as I did. He thought it was a little harsh and wanted my baby to sleep in his crib. I could understand his feelings, but after using the system for two nights in a row he totally changed his mind. Now he is lucky enough to get a full five hours of sleep each night.

Let Your Baby Sleep For About Six Hours At A Stretch

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Another thing I did to help my little guy adjust was keeping a closer eye on his sleeping schedule. I found that if I let him sleep for about six hours at a stretch I was able to get him to go to bed on time. If I kept him up all night, he would get so used to it that he wouldn’t even be aware that he was out of bed. This would definitely have an adverse effect on him. So every night that he went to bed I would double the length of time he was supposed to be sleeping. That made it more of a challenge until he realized that I really were no longer keeping an extra half hour of sleep.

What worked best for me was creating an environment that was quiet and soothing. It helped a lot with my husband letting go a bit and letting his little guy learn how to relax a little. I also made sure that the room temperature was not too high or low. This was also helpful because it helped my little guy get used to his new sleeping partner. The transition to his new “bed” was easy when everything was set up right.

Now, my baby is in the crib and I have no complaints at all. I’ve never once worried that I would have to move him out of his crib and put him in his own room, which I did with both my boys before he was 3 months. This has allowed us to use the nursery for not only his own personal sleepovers but also guests and visitors.

Continue On With Your Bedtime Routines

I’m now fortunate enough to be able to read before my baby gets to two weeks old. It’s a lot of fun and helps so much with my baby learning about sound. He seems to love reading all the different books that I have given him and has now read over 200 already. We have also been able to switch from having my wife read him stories to actually watching some of them. We have found that this keeps him in a better mood and makes him sleep better at night. There are even times that we have gotten a movie going together and he has loved every second of it.

If you are not familiar with babies sleeping patterns, then you may want to continue on with your bedtime routines. Just start out with one bedtime routine and work your way up to two, three, four, five, six, seven nights sleep! I still love to get him out of bed on my own so I am always up early in the mornings and before he gets too much rest, I will run a few minutes of television so he can put aside his worries for the day. At that point, he will be soothed by the calming sounds of the television and by the warmth of my body next to him.

Summing Up

My goal was to be able to turn myself into a baby myself so I did not have to worry about the fact that I was going through a little bit of a sleep training process. And I am so glad that I stuck with it. My baby is growing so fast and the thought of not having to take care of him anymore is priceless. There is no other parent that would have even considered not doing something as important as sleep training their baby but I did and it has turned out great.

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