3D Sleep Mask. What You Should Know!

3D sleep mask

Now you can sleep better with this 3D sleep mask which is really very comfortable. This mask is made up of super soft and comfortable fabric. The contour of the mask allows you to move your eyes comfortable and never disturbs your eye and eyelashes. The marks is made up of high grade sponge and super smooth quality polyester fabric which is really light in weight and comfortable. Band behind is adjustable so that it can fit to every different head size. To use this 3D sleep marks you have to follow the following step

  • First of all, you need to put the eye marks on your forehead then adjust the size and then you need to stick the band together
  • Then you need to pull the eye mask on your eyes then place it according to your comfort
  • Now you need to press the nose area of your eye mask
  • Then continue to stick the band so that your eye mask fits you perfectly

3D Sleep Mask

The eye mask has large coverage which fits around your cheeks perfectly. Unique design of nose area prevents the light to enter and allows your eyes to move freely. The approximate size of the 3D sleep marks is 23 cm × 9 cm. Five different colours available are black, blue, pink, purple and leopard print. The adjustable band of the eye mask is painless and doesn’t disturb you while sleeping.

By wearing this eye mask you can have a long-lasting sleep without any disturbance. This eye mask is really perfect for travelling. You should never forget to carry this 3D sleep mask whenever you are travelling. You can also use it while you are doing meditation.

How To Clean

The best thing about this eye mask is that you can wash it. But you have to wash this eye masks with your hands. When you receive this eye mask, you first need to wash it because the eye is the most sensitive part of our body so we should not take any risk about it.

Do not wash the eye Mask in your washing machine because it will decrease the shelf life of the mask. You should even not use dryer to dry the eye mask. Just let it dry naturally.

Soft Weighted Blanket For Your Comfy Sleep

Now you can sleep carelessly with this soft weighted blanket. This blanket can reduce your stress, anxiety and sleeplessness night. With a soft weighted blanket, you can sleep comfortably. This blanket also helps you to improve your sleeping quality. If you want a natural sleep then you should definitely by this soft weighted blanket.

The only material used to make this blanket is cotton. Two different sizes of this blankets available are 120 cm × 180 cm and 150 cm × 200 cm. The weight of the blankets is 15 lbs and 20 lbs respectively. With this soft weighted blanket, you can really sleep without any worries. The blanket is really very breathable so you can sleep comfortably.

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