4 Months Baby Sleeping Position – How To Help Your Baby Get The Right Rest

4 months baby sleeping position

This is a great question and it is one that many parents wonder about. After all, babies do not have the same ability to control their breathing like adults do. They do need to be upright in order to take deep breaths, but it is important for them to also sleep in a down or support position. These are two things you want to watch for so that you can find the right sleeping position for your baby as soon as possible.

Make Your Baby Sit Straight

Your baby needs to be sitting up straight with a slight curve in the lower back. Babies will naturally sleep in this straight posture, but you will need to get used to watching for it. When your baby is lying in a sleep position with his or her feet on the floor and his or her head high, he or she will be more likely to get into a deep sleep. The key here is to encourage that position. If you are still struggling to get your baby into a deep sleep after a few days, then you might want to try putting something cold on his or her back. A frozen bag or ice cube will do the trick.

You should not begin to use a four-month-old baby sleeping position for anything other than early morning naps. This is the time where your baby has the most weight gain. You will want to keep your baby sleeping upright until he or she is about 12 weeks old.

Start Using A Baby Sleeping Position

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It can seem like an odd thing to begin to do, but you should start using a baby sleeping position called the ‘upside-down position’. This is a good way for you to get used to the idea of allowing baby to roll over onto his or her stomach. You do not want to place your baby too flat on his or her back, though. You should encourage your baby to sit upright. This will take some time for your baby to get used to. It is also easier if you place your baby on his or her side.

Some parents start to move their baby from the regular sleeping position to the side sleeping one after about four months. You might want to keep an eye on this, though. Your baby might be uncomfortable with it could interfere with the development of his or her back. This is something you’ll have to watch out for.

Keep Your Baby In An Upright Rocking Chair

Another way to keep baby comfortable while sleeping is to keep him or her in an upright rocking chair. It’s best for babies to have someone to help them out, so a parent can keep baby balanced. You might want to also have one of these chairs in your own room. They provide a relaxing spot to take a nap. It is an ideal way to help your baby learn how to fall asleep on his or her own.

Make sure that baby has a snack ready for them before they go to sleep. Sometime kids aren’t hungry when they go to bed, but they aren’t interested in eating anything before they doze off either. Providing them with a small snack helps keep them interested in eating something. This is an important thing to strive to do.

Final Words

Finally, make sure your baby is well rested before putting them to bed. Nothing makes a baby feel more relaxed than being woken up at night to a peaceful sleep. While babies can fall asleep sitting down, they rarely do so unless they are hungry. Take some time to put yourself and your baby to bed and give yourselves some well-deserved rest. If your baby is satisfied, they will be happier when it’s time to go to sleep.

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