5 Month Baby Sleep Training Methods You Must Try

5 month baby sleep training

Does your baby disturb your sleep at night? They demand a bottle, breast, or cuddle before sleeping back? If your baby is five months or more than that, then you should start sleep training immediately.

Training a baby can be a difficult task. Even it may involve some tears but it not harmful for babies. This training will be beneficial for both mother and baby. Your toddler will be a super sleeper in a few nights. 

What Is Sleep Training

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Sleep training is the method of teaching an infant to fall asleep with help from their parents. This means that the baby himself sleeps without any cuddle or is nursed. 5-month baby sleep training doesn’t mean that if your baby needs milk, you starve him. Some parents worry that this kind of training can harm a baby’s health and detaches the child from a parent. But research shows that these are just myths. The training will be soothing for parents as well as babies. 

 4 Methods 5 Months Baby Sleep Training

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Cry it out (CIO)- This method is also known as the extinction method. In this method, put your baby to bed with a full tummy and ensure that the sleeping environment is safe around the baby. Now you won’t back to the room until you that baby falls asleep himself. Your baby may cry a little bit, but don’t worry, it will be for a short period. 

Feber method- This method is also known as the check and console method. In this method, you will let your baby cry for a particular period, and then you check on your baby. Keep on increases the time interval. Let your baby adjust himself without you. 

Chair method- This might be the most difficult for 5-month baby sleep training. As in this method, you will sit near your baby and let them cry, and gradually you increase the distance between you and your baby till he falls asleep. 

Bedtime fading method- In this method, you have to focus on the signs which show your baby needs sleep. Just like eyes rubbing, yawning, etc., once your baby is tired, put him to bed. Notice the approximate time at which your baby sleeps and try to put him to bed at the same time daily. 


The above-mentioned 5-month baby sleep training methods may sound a bit scary to a mother with a soft heart. But believe me, this will work wonders. You and your baby can have a peaceful sleep, and it will take less than seven days to show positive results.

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