5 Reasons You Must Know About Importance Of Sleep In Your Children

5 Facts About The Importance Of Sleep For Babies

5 Facts About The Importance Of Sleep For Babies

Sleep is an essential factor when it comes to children since it affects both their physical as well as mental health. When your child is asleep, it gives their mind and body enough rest and recovery. There are so many things which you can do to make sure that your child gets some good quality sleep daily. The first step is to understand the importance of sleep in your kids.

The brain of your child needs plenty of rest as well. This is so that it can restore its resources that were used by your child in the day. If the brain is rested, it helps in solving problems, learning new things, and enjoying the day better. Here is why you must know the importance of sleep in your child and how it affects their growth.

5 Facts About The Importance Of Sleep For Babies
5 Facts About The Importance Of Sleep For Babies

1. Proper Sleep Helps In Promoting Growth

It is known that the hormones responsible for the children’s growth are secreted during the night when they are asleep. This is the reason why babies in their initial few months sleep most of the time. Your child needs enough sleep, especially at night-time for their growth. Children that have a deficiency of this growth hormone in them are found to be sleeping less during the night. So, make sure that you understand the importance of sleep in your child and make them sleep during the night-time whatsoever. They must get a minimum hour of sleep according to their age.

2. Sleeping Helps In Preventing Cardiovascular Damage

Experts have concluded that when kids sleep properly, it protects their cardiovascular system from getting damaged. Stress hormones circulate during the night, which is why your kid needs proper sleep during the night. It is found that children that suffer from sleeping disorders have intensified brain arousal when they sleep.

This can, in turn, trigger a response called “fight or flight” about 100 times. The cortisol and blood glucose levels in your child stay elevated at night. These are linked directly with a high level of obesity, diabetes and several heart diseases.

3. Importance Of Sleep In Weight Management

There are many shreds of evidence that conclude that when your child gets lesser sleep, they are likely to have excessive weight. This begins when your kid is at his or her infancy stage. It is therefore essential for you to take steps to make sure that you put your baby to sleep. You can do this by using several techniques like feeding, swinging, etc.

If they get sound sleep ever since they are infants, they are lesser chances of them being obese when they grow up. Also, make sure that they have eaten food before they go to bed so that they can sleep peacefully.

4. Boost Of Immunity And Importance Of Sleep

When children are asleep, their body releases a protein called cytokines. This is responsible for fighting against infection, stress and several illnesses. If your child doesn’t sleep enough, it directly affects the release of this protein. This, in turn, affects the overall immune system. You must make sure that your child doesn’t fall prey to illnesses. For this, you must understand the importance of sleep in them and how it affects in boosting their immunity.

5. Good Sleep Increases Concentration

When your child gets enough sleep at night, it helps in increasing the attention and concentration. They stay more focused on learning new things and do not feel tired. Also, they are able to concentrate on several activities if they’re going to school.

Studies have proved that if children do not get the minimum amount of sleep, they stay distracted and feel fatigued for the rest of the day. it also affects their mood and how they perceive things at the school. So, make sure that you put your child to sleep better and let them a peaceful sleep at night for their betterment.

5 Facts About The Importance Of Sleep For Babies
5 Facts About The Importance Of Sleep For Babies

Now that you know the importance of sleep and how it affects your child, make sure that your kid gets enough sleep at night and it will be beneficial for their overall growth.

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