6-Week-Old Baby Sleep Trains – How To Train Your Little One To Sleep

6 week old baby sleep training

The truth is, they are capable of learning to fall asleep on their own, if you use an infant sleep train. You can train your baby to fall asleep by using a baby sleep train while he is still in the womb.

Invest In A Sleep Train For A 6-week-old Baby?

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Why would anyone want to invest in a sleep train for a 6-week-old baby? Most people do not realize the serious consequences of leaving their child unattended during the night. Most of us understand that babies need comforting and to be kept busy during the hours of darkness. However, we often forget that babies will need sleep as well. As funny as it sounds, babies actually require sleep before they are able to eat, drink, and to communicate.

In order for you to get your baby ready for sleeping, you do not necessarily have to get him into a sleep train. What you can do is to teach him the right way to fall asleep. Since most babies will naturally sleep with you, it won’t be difficult to get your baby to go to sleep with you. All you have to do is create an environment that will help your baby relax. Doing this can help your baby learn how to fall asleep on his own.

Using a sleep train is a great option because it teaches your little one how to fall asleep without your help. This is usually a two-step process. You will need to first get your baby used to going to sleep with you by putting him in his sleep train bed. Then, at night, you will remove the bed and put him back to his crib.

Introduce The Sleep Train To Your Baby Slowly

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Before you begin your training, however, you should make sure that you are introducing the sleep train to your baby slowly. Do not start him off too soon or he might get frustrated. Also, do not leave the sleep train during a feeding or you may get scared that he might try to doze off. Remember, you want to get your little one used to the idea of going to sleep with you so you do not have to suddenly wake him up.

When your little one does start to fall asleep on his own, he will probably cry a lot. You can soothe him with a bit of soothing music or a toy. Once he gets used to this, you can then start removing the sleep train during the night. Continue doing this for about three weeks and then put the sleep train back to the crib. This will help your little one become accustomed to falling asleep without your help.

Be Ready For The Sleep Train

Soon, he will be ready for the sleep train. If you are worried that he might roll off the bed or something, then put him down in his sleep nursery or bassinet. Also, if your little one is teething, you can help him grow into a more comfortable sleeping position by putting him down in a bassinet with pillows.

Final Words

Another helpful tip is to place a small toy beside his crib during the day so that he will look forward to getting out of bed. Once he knows that the sound of the bed will wake him up, he will be much more relaxed. If he has an attachment to a blanket or towel, remove it during the night so that he will not be tempted to take it with him when he falls asleep. As you can see, implementing a sleep train into your little one’s life is quite simple. It is important to remain patient throughout the process as your little one will need some time to adjust to the routine.

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