Acid Reflux Sleeping Position For Babies – How To Keep Your Baby Safe

acid reflux sleeping position baby

If you are a parent of a baby, you must know the right acid reflux sleeping position. This will not only prevent your baby from suffering from acid reflux, but you will also be able to understand whether the symptoms your baby is exhibiting are caused by this condition or something else. Babies are quite adapt to sleeping, however as soon as they start sleeping on their stomachs they may become prone to acid reflux. If you notice your baby sleeping on his stomach, make an effort to turn him around and sleep on his side.

This may seem counterintuitive, but it does make a difference. You may not realize it at first but sleeping on your side with your baby will be able to more fully contract the muscles of his stomach. When these muscles contract, they force the acid back up into the esophagus. By sleeping on your stomach, the acid will have a harder time finding its way back into the esophagus.

Good For Breathing

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Another benefit to this position is that your baby will be better able to regulate his breathing. When he sleeps lying down, he is less likely to get short of breath, which can be very dangerous. You must keep your baby lying on his back so that he can keep his head higher than his chest, and allow the air to flow through more smoothly.

You will need to get your baby to turn his head towards you. Before doing this, however, you must keep something in place, such as a pillow or perhaps a stool. Get your baby used to lie down on his back, slowly making it possible for him to lie still until he is comfortable. Once he is comfortable, it is time to try to turn his head towards you. It is important that when you turn him this way that he does not swallow or lie down flat on his back.

Pillow Will Help

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When trying this type of sleeping position for babies, it can help to place a pillow under the chin. This will ensure that his chin is higher than his head, which helps to keep the heat in the correct position. This can help to prevent your baby from rolling onto his back.

Another method for helping your baby to sleep better is to place a small blanket next to his feet. This will help keep him warm. He will also be less likely to roll off of his back during the night.

Make The Position Comfortable

Babies who sleep better can generally sleep for longer periods. To make sure you are ensuring a good night of sleep for your child, it will help to keep him in a comfortable sleeping position. One of the best ways to do this is by making sure he is in a low rocking motion. This can be especially helpful for infants. Infants who suffer from acid reflux can often roll off of their backs during the night and roll back onto their stomachs. By making sure he is in a comfortable position, he is less likely to roll back onto his stomach.


The final tip for ensuring your baby sleeps well is to make sure he has his tummy facing you. This will help to keep the stomach acid down where it belongs. Many infants who suffer from acid reflux roll onto their stomachs when they get too uncomfortable to sleep. Preventing this roll or keeping the tummy of your baby where it belongs, will help him sleep better throughout his childhood.

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