Advice On Making Your Baby Prefer Sleeping Retreats

baby preferring sleeping reclining position

They are not used to being in a position like this. They will either cry for the lack of comfort or the lack of activity during their feeds. One solution to this problem is to make sure that your baby is in a position that they prefer when you are feeding them. If they are used to being in a standing or sitting feeding position, they may feel more comfortable being in a reclining position as well.

Their crying may stop because they will be at ease while you are feeding them. As your baby gets older and their posture changes, it may be helpful to go back to the standing or sitting feeding position. This will allow your baby to get familiar with a lying down position for feeding times. When your baby has gotten used to the lying down feeding position, then you may try going back to the standing or sitting position.

A Few Problems

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If your baby sleeps fine when they are lying down but wakes up in the middle of the night crying, there could be a few problems. You may need to adjust your baby’s feeding position again. Try laying your baby on their back and moving them from side to side until they stop crying. This may be hard to do if your baby is not heavy enough to roll over onto their stomach. In addition, your baby may be uncomfortable because of their small size and they may wake up again each time you move. The goal is to find a place where your baby feels comfortable when they are awake.

As your baby grows, you may find that they like to sleep in different positions. They may like to sleep on their stomach or on their back. You can help them with this by laying them on their side so that they are on their stomach. This will help them learn which position is most comfortable.

Many Infants Are Bottle Fed

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Many infants are bottle fed through the first year of life and they are usually used to this. However, as they become older, they may start to prefer nursing. The baby will be ready for this when they are about 12 weeks old. At about six months of age, your baby can be breastfed. At eight to ten months of age your baby can go straight from bottle feeding to breastfeeding.

One way to find out what your baby is able to do when they are lying down and asleep is to hold them and move them around while they are asleep. While your baby is nursing, start to move your baby around so that they can get used to being upright instead of lying down. Later, you can start moving your baby back to the lying down position. It will take awhile, but in the long run you will see that they will get used to the position. Soon, they will be sleeping without their blankets or any other type of bedding at all.

Final Words

Your baby may try to stop nursing because they do not like the position. However, if you do not start the transition sooner, they will be in an upset mood most of the time. Also, make sure you keep the bottle in the same place that you will be putting the milk in. You do not want your baby to be upset because they did not like nursing when they were in a lying down position. They may even cry more, which makes the situation worse.

Remember, your baby needs to learn how to fall asleep in order to fall asleep in the future. While you may be tempted to just let the baby sleep in a different position now, that will not be good for them down the road. In addition, it could lead to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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