All About Kids Position When Sleeping That Every Parent Must Know

A baby holding a teddy bear

In their growing years, babies sleep a lot. There are a number of kids’ positions when sleeping which should be monitored. Checking whether they’re sleeping in the right position or not is very important as it might lead to sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS through strangulation or suffocation. New mothers must know all about the best positions a baby should sleep in, as otherwise, it might cause their baby to die due to their ignorance. 

What Is The Best Kids Position When Sleeping?

The best kids position when sleeping is on their back. It has minimal risks involved with it, has no way of blocking the nose or other airways, and thus has very low chances of suffocation, thus reducing the fear of SIDS. This position is best for both short naps and longer sound sleep. Make sure that your baby doesn’t sleep on its back for long as it might increase the chances of contracting temporary positional plagiocephaly or brachycephaly that is either a flattened head or a flattened back. Although temporary, these conditions can be easily avoided by ensuring that the baby has more tummy time and turning it on its side when it’s awake.

Which Positions Are Not Suitable For Babies To Sleep In?

A baby lying on a bed

If you’re a new mother, you might’ve observed your infant sleeping in various positions. There are a few positions that increase the risk of sudden unexpected death in infants or SUDI. SUDI includes all sudden deaths in infants along with SIDS. Here are a few positions that increase the risk of contracting SUDI:

● Sleeping On Stomach: This is one of the riskiest positions that an infant might sleep in. As the infant lies on its back, its jaws might be pressurized and might block the nose, thus making it difficult for the baby to breathe. It makes its face come in close contact with the sheet it’s lying in, this making it breathe exhaled air. Exhaled air is very low in oxygen and is not good for the baby. In addition, if the baby is lying on a soft mattress, the baby’s face is pressed up deeper into it and might block its nose from all sides. It also ends up breathing microbes due to its close contact with the sheet.

● Sleeping On The Side: This is also not a good position for a baby to sleep in as it causes the baby to eventually sleep on its back. This exposes the baby to all the dangers that have been discussed above. Hence avoid making your baby sleeping on the side.

A Few Tips For Ensuring Safe Baby Sleep

● Using A Firm Mattress: While buying a mattress for your baby, make sure that it’s firm and not soft. Soft mattresses must be avoided at all costs as it increases the risk of SIDS.

● Avoid Using Quilts And Comforters: There’s no actual need to use a Quilt and Comforter on your mattress. It’ll make the firm surface smoother and increase the risk of suffocation and SIDS.

● Use Light Night Clothes: It’s very important to dress your baby in light nightclothes to ensure that it gets a good night’s sleep.

● Don’t Sleep In The Same Bed As Your Baby: Co-sleeping with the baby highly increases the risks of SIDS as your clothes or your body might accidentally block your baby from breathing, thus leading to suffocation.

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