Baby Sleep: A Complete Guide For Your Baby

A recently released toddler book has stirred up much controversy among parents – The Complete Baby Sleep Guide. This popular book, which is referred to as “mythical,” purports to give parents a “guide to keeping babies happy and content all night long.” So, is the guide truly necessary for the happiness of your baby?

This debate over the effectiveness of The Complete Baby Sleep Guide came to a head recently in the San Francisco Weekly. This is when an angry parent wrote the writer complaining that the book “is essentially a misguided anger-management guide that aims at parents who believe that their babies do not get enough sleep.” Another parent, who read the book, felt that the book was “the complete opposite of accurate.”

Baby Sleep: A Complete Guide For Your Baby
Baby Sleep: A Complete Guide For Your Baby

According to many parents who are using The Complete Baby Sleep Guide, it appears that some key aspects of the book were simply left out. However, if you’re a parent who is upset with The Complete Baby Sleep Guide, these are some of the things you may want to look out for.

“Baby’s Articles” By Holly Rockwell

Holly Rockwell’s articles are to motivate parents to use very baby-friendly methods. Such as letting your baby sleep in his or her own bed and minimizing disruptive bedtime behavior. While those types of strategies can help parents, they are by no means foolproof. Hence, it’s essential to find other methods to supplement them.

Lucid Dreaming

Some parents, who use lucid dreaming, report that they have actually awakened from dreams with a feeling of being high upon falling asleep. They are experiencing dreams where they had great clarity about past, present, and future events.

The Baby Book

On parenting, there are various methods that you could try to compensate for the lack of sleep. We’ll outline a few here.

Have your baby’s bed restocked every couple of weeks. Also, if your baby wakes up frequently, this can become a real problem. You could try finding a bed that is more like a playpen. Or one with a soft mattress and a thicker, but with more supportive headboard.

Baby Feeding Routines And Transitions

If you have a “You will sleep” motto, you need routines for feeding your baby. Also, other transitions can help put a cap on the amount of tossing and turning that you find yourself doing throughout the night.

Using Soft Music

Try playing soothing classical music instead of keeping the television on when your baby sleeps. Furthermore, if possible, use audiobooks or audios to increase a sense of deep sleep.

Bedding With A “Bad Night’s Sleep”

Some parents with babies who sleep through the night find that introducing new material to bedding for one night can be enough to ensure a good night’s sleep for their baby.

Cover Crib Bumpers

Covering baby bumpers helps to reduce fussiness and annoying sound. However, we like Paper Toys for cover bumpers because they tend to make the most noise.

Baby Sleep: A Complete Guide For Your Baby
Baby Sleep: A Complete Guide For Your Baby

For premature babies, these techniques work. The Complete Baby Sleep Guide may not be necessary for them. But, if you’re concerned that your baby is not getting enough sleep, you may want to consider one of these tips.

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