Baby Sleep Training Newborn Tactics That Might Help You

baby sleep training newborn

When children reach the age of 4 months, they generally fall asleep, or if they wake up in the middle, fall back to sleep on their own by self-soothing. Most parents fear Baby Sleep Training Newborn thinking it may be harmful to the baby. It is often achieved faster than most parents think it would take. It is not at all a process involving a lot of tears and is also good for the baby as this training method will allow the baby to sleep without making a fuss.

Summary Of A Newborn Baby’s Sleep And Wake Pattern

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A newborn baby doesn’t have a fixed sleep schedule; hence they sleep for most of the day. A newborn baby might sleep up to 14-18 hours a day and be awake for only 30 minutes.

Because of their tiny tummies, newborn babies need to be fed every 2-4 hours, including overnight.

Newborn babies are very noisy sleepers, and while sleeping, their breathing rate can be around 30-40 breaths every minute. Sometimes babies can also take shallow fast breaths for around 15-20 seconds and take a pause.

Newborn babies are not familiar with the concept of day and night. That is because they lived in total darkness. The baby will adjust to the pattern of day and night in roughly a month.

If the parent is not well rested, then it can affect the sleeping patterns of the baby as well. Therefore, the parents must be well-rested for the baby to have a proper sleep.

Ways To Baby Sleep Training Newborn

While a baby is put to sleep, the baby should be placed in a crib or a bassinet without any loose pillows, stuffed animals, or any obstacles that would cause discomfort. The baby should be placed on the crib on his back.

A recommended way to put the baby to sleep is by gently patting he baby on the back, rock or sway the baby until the baby starts nodding off, then put the drowsy baby on the crib, but the baby should be still awake so the baby can learn to fall asleep on his own.

Since the baby spent nine months in the tummy, where it was a tight space for the baby to sleep, newborns always prefer that kind of coziness to sleep. Make sure to dress the baby in a sleepsuit or swaddling the baby with a blanket till the baby is 3-4 months old.

Since the baby is used to listening to the symphonies of the mother’s heartbeat and the noises of stomach gurgles, the newborn finds the humming of a fan a piece of soft music, or a white noise machine a very soothing sound and will fall asleep faster with that noise in the background.

What is the reason that the newborn baby doesn’t fall asleep?

Babies often confuse night and day.

During the baby sleeping training for a newborn, there are chances that the baby might reject sleeping on the back. The correct thing to do is to swaddle him a little before putting the baby back to bed.

Don’t ever try baby sleeping training for a newborn until the baby is at least four months old.


As the baby grows older, make sure that the baby sleeping training for a newborn is done, and the baby gets proper sleep during naptime and is a sound sleeper at night.

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