Baby Sleeping In Prone Position And Other Things To Know While Caring For Newborn

baby sleeping in prone position

Baby Sleeping In Prone Position And Other Things To Know While Caring For Newborn

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It is seldom seen that new parents particularly first-time parents feel extreme anxiety thinking about how to take care of their new-born due to inexperience. The anxiety is extremely reasonable since newborn care must take all the necessary precautions otherwise the tiniest error can harm the newborn immensely. To help the parents of newborn children this study will explore some of the tips that one must keep in mind while taking care of their little bundle of joy to ensure their maximum wellbeing.  

Some Tips On How To Take Care Of The Newborn Baby

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Now let’s take a deeper dive into the world of baby care!

Newborn baby sleeping in a prone position must be prevented as sleeping in a prone position increases the chance of sudden infant shock syndrome which can lead to asphyxiation and even death in extreme cases.

The parents must monitor that the child sleeps on their tummy. A newborn generally sleeps for long hours and it is good for the baby to sleep for long as it helps in their growth and development. But the student must try to maintain a proper sleep pattern for the child and ensure that the child is fed every 2-3 hours. And most importantly, as mentioned earlier, a baby sleeping in a prone position must be prevented.

It is generally recommended not to bathe a newborn baby in the initial days after birth as the white covering present on the body of the baby after birth acts as the protective covering which protects them from various types of germs. After 7-10 days post-birth, the baby can be given a bath but ensuring utmost protection so that the baby does not get hurt in any way or catch a cold. It is recommended that the baby is bathed in lukewarm water to ensure maximum safety. Care should be taken to prevent the baby from being suffocated during bathing.

Maximum care should be taken of the umbilical cord so that it does not get infected by any means as it can cause serious health hazards for the baby. The umbilical cord must always be kept dry and ointments must be applied to dry it off properly according to the pediatrician’s prescription. In any case, the umbilical cord must be protected from any kind of dirt or germ.

It is recommended not to force-feed a child and also a child should be fed at regular intervals but the quantity of food must be in small portions. For the first few months, the doctors recommend that breastfeeding is the best for all newborns as it helps in their growth and development.

The parents must always monitor whether the child is passing stool and urine regularly and must contact a physician in case of any irregularities in the same.

Taking care of a newborn might not be easy, but isn’t rocket science either. No one is born with the knowledge of being a mother. But, we all find our way through experience, and little help from here and there!

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