Baby Sleeping Neck Position – How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

baby sleeping neck position

Have you ever been woken up by your baby sleeping in his or her crib when you were trying to get him or her to go back to sleep? It can be very annoying at times and it can even lead to your baby waking up every time you get up to check on them. There are ways though to get your baby to sleep better without having to disrupt their routine. Here is how:

Sleep With Your Baby

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The first way to get your baby to sleep better is to sleep with your baby in his or her bassinet. This is a special baby sleeping position that helps your baby to relax. If you use this baby sleeping position often, it will become ingrained in your baby and they will soon not need any other help to get to sleep. When your baby is used to this sleeping position, they will settle easier to sleep. It can take a while for the baby to get used to the new sleeping arrangement, so keep trying until they are comfortable.

Another way to get your baby to sleep is to have them sleep in their burp cloths. You can easily do this while feeding them if you like. The cloth acts like a cushion for baby and it can make them feel relaxed. Baby will roll over onto the stomach and this will relieve the pressure of the stomach. Baby will settle easier into this type of position.

Rocking Your Baby To Sleep In This Fetal Position

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You can also try rocking your baby to sleep in this fetal position. You should make sure you hold them still and they do not move when you do this. You should move slowly and gently or pick them up lightly and put them in the right spot. You should not force the rocking motion because this might hurt the baby. You may find that baby enjoys this gentle motion.

If the baby likes rock music, you should play some slow music while doing this. This is another good way to get baby to settle. You can also watch television shows or movies while rocking your baby. This puts their mind off of the fact that you are rocking them and making them feel secure and relaxed. You will find that the baby is more relaxed and less fussy when they fall asleep this way.

Get A Big Blanket

You can start to read to baby while they are falling asleep. This will calm them down and help them drift off to sleep. They will most likely fall asleep easier with the sound of your voice. You can turn on some relaxing music and read to them.

Now here is a trick you can try if your baby really likes to sleep in this particular position. You need to get a big blanket. You will want to lay it across the bottom of your bed. Place your baby on top of the blanket. Now you just pull up on the side and the baby will fall asleep. This might seem crazy, but you might try this and see how much easier it is for the baby to fall asleep this way.

As a last resort you might put baby down on your chest or your bedside table. Just remember to rock them and talk to them and give them encouragement until they are tired enough to fall asleep on their own. Once they are exhausted enough, you can try changing to a different sleep position again.

Bottom Line

When your baby is fairly sleep and can fall asleep on their own try going back to their sleep position. Now when you pick them up they should be able to fall asleep on their own. You may need to do this several nights in a row. If your baby wakes up during the night and is crying continue holding her before going back to sleep.

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