Choosing the Right Baby Nursery – The Sleeping Position

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The main reason you’ll choose a sleeping position for your baby is to be sure he or she sleeps well. Not only can a sleeping position affect your baby’s sleeping patterns (and the health of your child), but it also has implications for his or her development and future health. Babies who are sleeping on their stomachs or on their back, for instance, often develop respiratory problems as they grow older, as a result of not being able to fully breathe all the time. Babies who are sleeping on their stomachs are also more likely to develop food allergies later in life, because they have less room for their digestive system to move food around. And babies who are sleeping on their back are likely to suffer from chronic shoulder or neck pain, as well as developing breathing problems or asthma as adults because they haven’t developed their muscles to support their spine properly.

 Healthy Sleeping Position For Baby

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It’s tempting to simply use a traditional sleeping position for your baby, even if it’s not one that’s going to be healthier for him or her. After all, how else are you going to get your baby into bed? But using a traditional sleeping position for a baby doesn’t do much to promote a healthy sleeping position for your baby – and may actually hurt your baby’s development while you’re trying to get him or her into bed. There are plenty of other things you can do to promote a healthy sleeping position for your baby – and these techniques work even better if you combine them with feeding patterns, bedtime routines, and bedtime music.

Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Position

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Before you go to bed with your baby, make sure you’ve got the right position for him or her. There are lots of ways to establish a good sleeping position for a baby, and it’s best to start with the baby nursery before you go shopping for furniture or decorations. For starters, you want to be sure you have the baby in a comfortable position where his or her bottom is against the mattress, his or her head is higher than the bed, and his or her thighs are parallel to the floor. This means the baby should be well supported and be able to turn his head whenever he or she wants to. You also want to be sure you’ve got the bedspread right, and that it’s resting right on the mattress.

Consider The Position Of Your Baby

When you’re shopping for furniture and other decorations, take a look at the way your baby is positioned. Is he or she snuggled up against the end of the bed or the footstool? Is the bed higher or lower than the floor, or are the shelves or cabinets too high for him or her? While you’re looking around, also consider the lighting in the nursery. If it’s difficult for you to see your baby, you’re going to want a nursery that has plenty of natural light – but even a poorly lit room can result in poor sleeping positions for your baby.

Summing Up

Once you’ve chosen the theme for your baby’s room, you’re going to have to purchase some furniture. You can pick up a lot of attractive pieces at a variety of different thrift stores, as well as garage sales and even secondhand stores. If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of used cribs and bedding sets for sale. Just be sure to keep in mind the items you’re going to need, such as a crib ladder, mattress, changing table, and more.

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