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Ferber Method: Does It Really Work?

Ferber Method: Does It Really Work?

One of the most difficult challenges for parents is that their babies learn “alone” to fall asleep. It is likely that in the middle of despair you tried to apply radical techniques such as the Ferber method. Next, we will analyze if this strategy to make your baby sleep really works.

The Ferber method has generated strong controversies throughout the world. It invites parents to leave their children alone in the room. Some experts do not consider it appropriate and others do. The truth is that it is the decision of each family.

Ferber Method: Does It Really Work?
Ferber Method: Does It Really Work?

Some pediatricians explain that this irritability is because babies do not recognize sleep and manifest it as a bodily discomfort. They even believe that as they give up on fatigue, they feel a void that prevents them from completely relaxing.

There are many strategies that you can apply at nightfall so that your baby feels calmer:

  • Relax him physically. Bathe the baby with warm water and give a gentle massage.
  • Create a quiet environment. Avoid visual and sound stimuli.

What Is The Ferber Method About?

Richard Ferber was the founder of the Pediatric Center at Boston Children’s Hospital. The pediatrician insisted that for a child to learn to sleep, he had to let him do it alone.

In his book entitled ‘Solve your Child’s Sleep Problems,’ he clearly described his method. It consists of letting them cry when they want to go to bed. That is when they are already physically and emotionally prepared to do so.

Once this time has come, dad or mom should follow some habits full of affection and place the baby alone on the bed.

And what should be done if the baby is crying? Ferber tells us that we should leave him alone. Although he is manifesting his emotions, for some people, this method is unacceptable. However, for Ferber, it is a progressive wait.

Ferber Method: Does It Really Work?
Ferber Method: Does It Really Work?

During these time periods, the doctor insisted that you should not hug him so that he understands the procedure. You can start with a five minute time period. Subsequently, the mother can increase the time, to the extent that she feels comfortable with that decision.

A New Vision Of This Method

Ferber explained in a magazine what he was trying to say in his book. He explained that he did not agree to allow the baby to remain alone for a long time while crying without comfort. According to him, many tactics tried to avoid unnecessary crying.

On the other hand, he was less emphatic about the issue that sleeping with the baby was not positive. In this new opportunity, he clarified that a child who sleeps with his parents will not present difficulties in recognizing himself as an individual. Additionally, he indicated that the mother should do what makes her feel more comfortable.

Two decades later, he was also less critical of baby naps. In this updated version of the method, parents have the power to adapt the baby to particular customs and needs.

Ferber Method: Does It Really Work?
Ferber Method: Does It Really Work?

Many controversies have been generated about this strategy that aims to help the child to sleep. On the other hand, sleepless promoters without crying insist that this will be detrimental to the development of the kid.

The truth is that the decision is yours and only you can help your baby understand something as natural as the sleep. Remember that you are his main support for his development.

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