Five Reasons Why You Must Be Using Baby Sleep Training Apps

Baby Sleep Training App

Hey mommies, are you juggling with managing your kids and work? Are you exhausted putting your active baby to sleep? Do you wish there was a baby sleep training app to lighten this burden? Do you find it difficult to track your baby’s sleep, feeding, and milestones too? Does this make you feel you are not doing enough for your kid and at work too? Does that make you spend sleepless nights? Do not worry, and everybody has been there too. And life would never seem simple until you stumble upon baby sleep training apps.

These apps can work magic by helping you manage your baby, so you can balance both your work and kids and have an extra hour of sleep each night.

Check Baby Sleep Training Apps To Ease Your Work

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1. Baby Shusher

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You must have tried shushing a crying newborn and knows how difficult it can prove at times. And you know shushing works to calm a crying baby as it recreates the comforting sound the baby experiences in the womb.

To help you with a crying baby, baby shusher creates a rhythmic shushing sound that comforts your baby. Plus, it comes with a timer and a sound equalizer feature that adjusts loudness with the child.

2. Total Baby

One of the best baby sleep training apps on the list. It helps you track feedings, diaper changes, medication, baby milestones, beside baby sleep. It can also be synced with your partner’s phone. All the information can be converted into charts and graphs that can help you track your child’s progress.

3. Baby Monitor 3G

Turning tablet or phone into a baby monitor is easy with this app. It lets you talk to your baby so that you can soothe them with your voice, virtually.

This app comes with a vibration feature that lets you know when the baby cries. It will be specifically helpful during travel.

4. Cozi Family Organizer

Having this app is like having a personal assistant to carry around with you. It helps you keep track of all your child’s schedule, your grocery list, to-do lists, and even your sweet memories and milestones. You will find this app really helpful if you have kid more than one at home. This app is more beneficial than other available apps as it allows your whole family to have one account, access, and share information from multiple devices.

5. Baby Sleep Training App

This one helps you sleep train your baby in just a week. It also offers daily instructions and tips for better sleep habits. So you have less to be worried about your child’s sleeping habits.


There are dozens of baby sleep training apps, and the one mentioned are just a few of them. They are a go-to app for all the mommies to make life easier and parenting much more fun.

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