How to get 9 months old to sleep through the night

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9 months old to sleep through the night is the age that every mother looks forward to. The baby has finally started crawling, sitting up, and even walking sometimes. During the 9 months right after birth, parents tend to struggle with their baby’s sleep pattern or lack of it at all. This is normal since newborns are not capable of sleeping for 7 straight hours until they reach around 1 year old.

1. Put your baby to bed early

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By this age, most babies have some kind of regular daily schedule. They are up at the same time every day and it has been 9 months since they were born. This is why their bodies are getting used to falling asleep during certain points in the day, whether it’s right after lunch or before dinner. We recommend putting your baby to bed early as well, at least by 8 pm. This will allow them to get the recommended 10-12 hours of sleep every night.

2. Bath your baby before going to bed

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This might sound a bit weird since most people associate going to sleep with having a dirty body and greasy hair. The babies who are 9 months old might be crawling around, touching everything, and even putting things in their mouths. This means that they are inevitably becoming dirtier with every passing day. We recommend giving your baby a nap before bedtime since they will most likely fall asleep faster after having a bath.

3. Feed your baby right before bed

This is another weird tip but it does work. Most babies tend to have a pretty big appetite right before they go to bed which is normal. We recommend feeding your baby just enough so that they will not wake up hungry but only do this if you find that your 9-month old wakes up in the middle of the night crying because they are hungry. If you are not sure, just feed your baby after putting them to sleep.

4. Play white noise for your baby

If you still find that your 9-month old wakes up in the middle of the night and cries out for hours on end, we recommend playing some kind of white noise to create a relaxing and comforting environment around them. This will help them fall asleep fast and stay that way for several hours.

5. Use a music player to play lullabies

If you are still finding it hard to calm down your 9-month old, we recommend putting on some nice, relaxing lullabies to create the perfect environment for sleep. Just make sure you use a device with a headphone jack.

6. Keep your baby warm at night

If your 9-month old wakes up screaming because they are cold, we recommend that you dress them up with multiple layers of clothes to keep their temperature just right. Make sure you never overheat the room since this might make it even harder for your baby to sleep through the night.

7. Stick to the nap schedule

By this age, most parents tend to reduce their baby’s naps so that they can stay up a little bit longer and play with them during the day. We recommend keeping your baby’s nap schedule as it is at least until after 12 months old. This will help them feel rested and sleep better throughout the night.

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