How to Make and Start Sleep Training Baby Schedule

sleep training baby schedule

Surely babies are cute, but are they still cute when you are struggling to put them to sleep? 90% of parents will relate how frustrating it is to make your baby fall asleep, the constant crying, the feeding, the presence they need, and the no sleep nights are a common thing. That’s why you should start sleep training your baby as soon as possible, it takes time and patience, but it doesn’t take more than 20 days to be effective; if you want to make and start a sleep training baby schedule then read below for a guide.

What is Sleep Training?

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Sleep is a crucial part of our health be it a baby or adult, it also helps maintain good emotion, improved mood, and behavior. Sleep training a baby means you train the little ones to self-soothe and fall asleep, stay asleep without having you present, not crying, and waking up happy; it also helps parents get the sleep they are deprived of, have time for themselves, not be frustrated at home, and perform better at work.

Steps on how to start sleep training:

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  1. Start with sleep tracking your baby for a few days to understand their sleep patterns, you will have a clear idea about when they are mostly asleep and for how many hours, you can use mobile apps for sleep tracking.
  2. Blackout all the shades in the room, switch off lights and sound systems, make the environment ideal for sleep, keep the temperature at 68-72 degrees, and try using some kid-friendly aroma.
  3. Your baby will need your help to fall asleep at first, but don’t force them to sleep at a time, feed them when you want to and transfer them to bed, try to be near them for a few hours, it is easy to do and helps build the schedule faster.
  4. If they have slept more in the daytime then they may wake up frequently at night, if you have the sleep tracker already then keep updating it; try to not make them fall asleep in the evening, keep them busy in playing, and only feed them when you are going to sleep.
  5. Put them down while they are drowsy and not completely asleep, leave slowly and check if they have fallen asleep, this is how independent sleeping happens.

When to start?

You can start with your sleep training schedule at 3 to 4 months of age because if you start early they will learn how to self-soothe and go for more than a few hours without crying, they will simply learn to fall asleep without your presence.

The amount of sleep a newborn should get varies from 11 hours to 18 hours a day while 4-12-month-old babies need sleep for 12-14 hours a day; basically, they sleep in intervals and each nap can be from 2 hours to 5 hours.

At night, babies may wake up frequently but they might not wake up crying or wanting food if you start training them as soon as possible.


You need to be patient with your baby because they surely won’t be habitual easily, instead of forcing them into a routine, you have to change your own schedule to be able to blend with theirs. Newborn babies must be put to sleep by their mother on their lap since they are familiar with the touch and scent, as time goes, you can permanently put them on their crib.

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