How to make newborns sleep at night

how to make newborns sleep at night

Newborn babies need a routine and plenty of rest for them to develop properly. Although it is not essential, it can be beneficial if you try and get your baby into a regular sleeping pattern when they are still very young. Remember that every child is different. Some will sleep for long periods in the day and less at night, while others will be the other way around. There are several things you can do to help your baby into a sleeping pattern that works well for all of you.

1. Get your baby to sleep as soon as possible after a feed

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This way your baby is not over-full when they go to sleep. If you wait an hour or two after a feed then your baby will be more likely to wake up during the night because they are hungry again. This can be extremely frustrating for both of you, so get them to sleep as soon as possible after their last feed every day.

2. Keep your baby awake during the day

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If you can keep your newborn baby awake for long periods during the day then they will sleep better at night. Not only that but it is also good advice to let them fall asleep on their own rather than rocking them to sleep, which can become an unwelcome habit. However, if your baby is alert and cheerful during the day, then they will probably not want to go to sleep until at least 7 pm.

3. Stimulate your baby with plenty of activity during the day

Babies are naturally energetic little people, but you need to help them channel this energy into something positive, which includes making sure that they get plenty of exercise and activity. If they get too tired during the day then this will interfere with their ability to sleep well at night, so make sure that they are not over-tired.

4. Put your baby down when they appear to be tired

Don’t wait for them to cry or let them go to sleep when they appear to be sleeping. This is because you will know when they are tired by the way they look. For example, their eyes will appear droopy and sleepy if they are getting tired. If you wait for your baby to cry then it is likely that they will be overtired which can make them difficult to put to sleep later.

5. Make sure your baby is warm enough

Even when the weather is extremely hot it can be a good idea to make sure your baby wears some clothing when they are in their cot. This is because they will need to sleep when it is cold and during the night, so keeping them comfortable and warm at night is important for them to get a good night’s sleep.

6. Have a bedtime routine

You may not have been told about this, but it is useful to have a routine which you go through at night time with your baby before they go to sleep and it is best if you do this between 7-8 pm so that they get enough rest during the night. For example, you may want to change their nappy and sing a few songs, but make sure that you don’t over-stimulate them when they are in bed.

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