How to Teach Your Kids To Sleep In he Standard Childs Position

A woman lying on a bed

If you want to make sure that your kids are happy and comfortable when sleeping, you should be aware that the wrong kid’s position can make it rather difficult for them to sleep soundly. The recommended sleeping position for kids is still the same as for an adult: on their backs with their knees bent and with their feet flat against the floor. It is a good idea for parents to keep an eye on their kids when they are asleep and watch for signs that they may be uncomfortable or not ready to go to sleep. For instance, if your kids roll over onto their stomach when lying on their backs, it is a good sign that they may want to sleep on their back.

Prone Positions

A woman lying on a bed

But what if your kids prefer to sleep facing you? In this case, the most common sleeping position for kids is still the prone position. The reason for this is that it makes it easier for kids to sleep on their stomachs. They simply have to lie down with their legs straight out in front of them and their back straight. (If you’d prefer to avoid having to do this, you could elevate them by placing pillows underneath their legs.) This will give them a better view of whatever is blocking their view, which can make for more comfortable sleeping.

The prone position is also a good place to start introducing climbing into the mix. Since most kids are not going to be tall enough to easily reach the top of the bed, you can use the walls or any other height-increasing pieces of furniture to get them up on the heights that they need to be. Once your kids are comfortable with this new position, you can slowly move them off their back and onto their sides. And if they are still not ready, simply keep moving them to the side until they are.

On Their Stomachs

A person lying on a bed

Another common sleeping position for kids is on their stomachs. Most kids will be able to stay in this position for a long time without discomfort. To get them started, simply position them so that they are on their side with their knees bent and their heads down. If they are still too uncomfortable, you can simply change their position until they are ready. Doing this on a regular basis will make it easy to transition your kids from sleeping on their backs to sleeping on their sides, and once they are comfortable you can always reverse the process to sleep on your stomach.

Sleeping Alone

Another option for kids who like to sleep alone is to make their own beds. If they still feel too young to be a bed sleeper, then purchasing a bunk bed will give them a safe place to be when they are in bed alone. Or, if they are older, maybe you can take them shopping so that they can pick out their own bed. You will probably want to make sure that it is made of a sturdy type of material and has plenty of space inside so that they can run away if necessary.

Bottom Line 

The last thing that you can do to help your kids transition to sleeping on their stomachs is to keep the room noise to a minimum. If you are trying to teach them to sleep in a quiet place away from distractions, you will find that the kid’s position will be a lot easier. You can even turn down the television or stereo so that they will not be distracted. This will also help to keep the room temperature from becoming too hot or too cold during the night. Your kids will be much happier if they can go to bed at a comfortable temperature.

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