How to Treat Baby Blocked Nose

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You should always try to sleep on your side for comfort and health reasons but sometimes you may find it difficult to sleep on your back or your baby may have a blocked nose while sleeping. This is not common but if it does occur, there are ways to clear the blocked nose. A blocked nose may be caused by congestion or cold. There are many ways to clear blocked nose naturally such as using herbal remedies, decongestants, nasal sprays and other medicines that can clear up the blockage from the nose.

Use A Cold Compress

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You can use a cold compress for clearing up a stuffy nose. It will help to reduce the inflammation in your nasal passages that cause congestion. You can apply a cold compress to the blocked nose several times each day at a minimum. You can also take decongestants, which can help ease down the congestion in the nasal passage.

Baby stuffy nose usually happens when the baby starts waking up during the night and start inhaling and exhaling at the same time. As the mucous build up in the nasal passage hardens, it becomes thick and is blocking the passage. If you think your baby has a stuffy nose, you should avoid sneezing and clearing the nose. Babies are prone to developing stuffy nose especially during the first few months. So you should pay special attention to your baby’s sleeping habits during this period.

Chronic Sinusitis

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The baby stuffy nose is more serious when compared to chronic sinusitis. When your child suffers from stuffy nose, it causes difficulty in breathing through the nose and makes the baby susceptible to infections. To prevent the development of a stuffy nose, you should keep the nasal passage clear and clean by using a nasal spray or saline nasal spray. You should also clean your baby’s ears regularly to prevent ear infections.

Premature babies sometimes experience nasal congestion during sleep. This condition is common amongst newborns, and hence you should pay attention to your baby’s sleeping habits. The blocked nose in babies can be easily treated using saline drops or nasal congestion spray. The nasal congestion can be effectively prevented if the baby is kept awake during the night by keeping his face near the breast. The sleeper should also take a good amount of food before going to bed.

Keep Your Baby Awake

You can keep your baby on his sleep position for a longer time if the problem persists. You should also take him out of his sleep position if the problem occurs during naps during the day. You should keep your baby awake for few hours during the day if he has difficulty in breathing during sleep. If your baby awakes during the night and starts breathing heavily, you should take him straight to his mother’s room.

Final Words

If you feel that there is any kind of problem, you should consult a doctor at the earliest. It is always advisable to use natural remedies to treat ailments of various types. Natural herbal remedies will help the baby to get rid of the infection without causing any kind of harm to the body. If you want to see your baby free from nasal congestion, you should give your child some time and let him grow into a normal size soon after birth. You should not force your baby to sleep on his tummy when he cannot stand it. These are some of the tips that can help you treat the condition of your baby and keep it away from nasal blockage.

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