How To Treat Your Baby With Blocked Nose When In Sleeping Position

If your baby sounds adorable while sleeping or makes sounds, squeaks, grunts, etc., then he or she is having trouble breathing. But, Don’t worry! Check out this

article for complete knowledge and information about such problems. There are some steps like taking some precautions to get rid of the baby’s blocked nose in a sleeping position. Here are some of the easy, safe, and best solutions that you must imply. This will calm your baby and help him to sleep tight at night. 

● Raise Humidity

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It is a simple way to get your baby’s breath back to normal by adding moisture to the air. However, the moist air can keep mucus away from drying inside the baby’s nose. Another way is to add humidity with the help of a humidifier. You need to set up a humidifier in the room but keep it away from the baby’s reach. Make sure you clean and dry it daily.

● Nose Drops

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You can squeeze one or two drops of nose drops prescribed by the doctor in both the nostrils that will help in losing the dry mucus, and then use a rubber suction bulb. It is simple to use; gently stick the tip of the bulb in a nostril then, easily release the bulb, and it will pull out all the clogged mucus. Repeat it all together in another nostril as well.

● Wipe The Mucus

You can wipe away the sticky mucus with the help of wet cotton that was blocking your baby’s nostrils. It is the easiest way, and it works if the blockage is at its initial stage or at a minimal level.

When Should You Visit The Doctor?

Getting worried about your baby is natural, but there is no need to call the doctor until there is any concern about the baby’s congestion or if there are any signs of illness, fever, vomiting, cough, etc. If you see any of the things mentioned above, then you must contact your pediatrician. Many times it is difficult to analyze if the baby is sick or not, and parents fail in doing so. Therefore it is better to contact your pediatrician before a simple cold or cough turns out to be a serious problem.


Nose blockage of a baby is a common problem, and it generally occurs at the time of season change. Babies are very gentle and require special care and attention. Also, They are so sensitive that they catch an infection or disease way faster. Therefore it is important to take them to the doctor for a regular check-up and contact your doctor whenever you find out that something is wrong. Hopefully, the article was informative and valuable to you. Stay tuned for more information like this.

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