Infant Mortality Rates Through Traditional Baby Sleepers

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Baby sleepers are designed to secure your newborns to a bedding surface so they can fall asleep. Sleepers have been in use for many years with some success but recent trends have meant that baby sleepers are designed more for convenience than safety. However, this is not the purpose that they were intended for. The first sleepers were specifically created to keep baby safe and warm in winter months. Modern sleepers are designed to protect infants from a variety of potential dangers whilst they are sleeping. These could range from suffocation to being trapped or falling from a high bed or from an upper floor window or balcony.

Baby sleepers are also designed to provide a safer environment in which to sleep for infants and small children. The use of cast lead free materials has meant that there is a much reduced risk of suffocation or injury when using baby sleepers. Whilst there are no guarantees there is evidence to suggest that using cost lead free sleepwear will reduce the number of infant deaths across Europe and America. Whilst there are a few reports of baby deaths from these types of infant sleeping products it is likely due to inexperience and not necessarily the use of unsafe products.

An Overview

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One example of safer baby sleepers is Bees baby bodysuits. Bee’s baby bodysuits are highly versatile garments made from lightweight and highly breathable fabrics that are comfortable for your baby to wear. Bees are a US company based out of California and although they do operate internationally they primarily export to European countries where they are particularly popular. This means that you can be confident that what you buy is produced responsibly by a company committed to environmental responsibility.

One example of safe infant wear comes in the form of the widely recognised’Kissy Kissy’ baby sleepers. These popular garments are extremely safe and provide a high level of comfort and protection for your newborn baby. The design of the garment is such that it is made using a stretchy fabric that fits snugly around your baby whilst preventing any leaks whilst also being easily cleaned by using a washable liner. The unique colour combination of green and black provides a great look, which has become extremely popular. They also come with a matching hood and tag.

Infant Mortality Rate Facts

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In addition to the aforementioned Sleepers, there are many other forms of infant sleeping wear which you can choose from. The most well known form of this is called the ‘Sids’ or ‘Baby Sids’. These colourful sleepers are often made from cotton, but can also be made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Most of these colourful sleepers feature two or more zip flyways to allow parents to adjust the infant’s height at night. This can be particularly useful for small tots as they are unable to freely move around during their sleep and often wake up unable to sit up.

Another type of highly useful infant clothing are the ‘Inclined Baby Sleepers’. These cleverly designed sleepers help mothers keep baby asleep in an inclined position, thus helping to promote a good night’s sleep. Most of these inclined baby sleepers are made using a special fabric which enables them to be placed against the legs of the baby. When the baby is asleep, the fabric is able to pull upwards on the legs, keeping the baby in its inclined position. A specially designed head rail then enables the child to sit upright during their sleep.

With this information readily available, why should you continue using traditional infant sleeping products which have been proven to be dangerous? Simple enough; the baby products industry is huge, making huge profits from sales of these ineffective and dangerous baby sleepers. It is little wonder that there are thousands of reports of infant deaths every year that could have been prevented if the manufacturers of these baby products had taken more interest in safety. However, there are many more reputable brands of sleepers which do not make these types of claims, so what is stopping you?

By avoiding infant mortality through the use of innovative, low impact infant sleepers, you can prevent hundreds of needless deaths every year. So forget the conventional sleeping products and invest in an excellent, safe, inclined sleeper for your baby. With one of these babies sleepers, you can guarantee that your baby will not suffer premature death and the health benefits will last for years to come!

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