Is A Posedile Position Good For Your Baby

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The SIDS rate has been rising in recent years because more parents are placing their babies on their back, or in a supine position while they sleep. Both of these are bad for baby’s health.

Minimum Sleep For Baby Is Important

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The position makes it more difficult for the baby to get the full recommended amount of sleep each night. At the very least, your newborn should get seven hours of good sleep. By laying your baby on his back, you are keeping his neck muscles relaxed. The airway passage opens during sleep and prevents obstruction of the airway by the soft tissue. Unfortunately, the typical prone sleeping position places the baby’s head further away from the heart, decreasing his oxygen flow, and increasing the risk of snoring.

A baby who is frequently positioned on his back may become obese. Premature babies are more likely to be placed on their back. They may also experience breathing problems with contractions. There is a higher risk of falling asleep while feeding if the mother is prone sleeping position. Feeding in a supine position can cause problems for the infant as well.

One way to make sure your baby sleeps better at night is by setting him up in his crib, or in a bassinet. Your baby will be less likely to be placed on his back if he is in a prone sleeping position. You will want to keep a pillow or a blanket by his side, so that he can lay flat and look into your eyes. He should be surrounded by comfort and warmth. If he is used to lying on his stomach, try to get him used to sleeping on his back.

Make Sure That Your Baby Is Getting Enough Sleep

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In order to make sure that your baby is getting enough sleep you will need to monitor his sleeping patterns. Do not make him sleep where he will be uncomfortable. Your baby will not be able to sleep well if he is uncomfortable. He will not be able to sleep well if he is left alone or left to sleep in a strange position. Try to put him down when he becomes inactive.

You should keep an eye on the temperature of your baby’s room during the day. When you think your baby might be asleep, check the temperature of his room. Make sure it is not too hot or too cold. Also, check to make sure there are no pets or people inside the room who could harm your baby. You might also want to move the baby’s toys to a different location until he is ready for them to play with them again.

If your baby has been diagnosed with a sleep disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea, you should avoid using the prone sleeping position for him. Babies with sleep disorders often do not sleep well. They often wake up crying. Although they might seem exhausted, chances are they are simply frightened by their own sudden awakening.

Last Words

There are some other benefits of using the side sleeper for your baby. Unlike a bed that he will have to roll over onto to get comfortable, a sleeping position on the back allows him to stay upright. He will not have to bend down so low. This will also allow him to see more clearly and hear the sounds of his surroundings. A prone sleeping position is ideal for newborn babies who are unable to stand up on their own but can roll over on their backs easily when they are sleepy.

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