Most Effective Tips For Baby Sleeping Safely To Avoid The Risk Of Sudden Unexpected Death In Infancy- SUDI

baby sleeping safe

Looking at a baby sleeping in the sense of peace like watching angels, but sometimes babies can get into life-threatening situations while they’re sleeping.

No doubt babies spend a lot of time asleep, so it is your duty as parents and guardians to keep Baby sleeping as much as possible.

There are numerous things from breastfeeding to proper clothing that you can do to reduce their risk. This blog will teach you the most crucial tips for baby sleeping safety.

Important Baby Sleeping Safe Tips

Sleeping Position- Back

A close up of a man sleeping on a bed

Research has shown that the maximum death during sleep occurs when babies sleep on the side or stomach. Life-saving baby sleeping safe tips makes your Baby sleep in the back.

Avoid smoking

Everyone is aware that smoking during pregnancy is harmful. But even smoking after birth dramatically increases the risk of sudden death and fatal accidents.

Share A Room

Keep the cot of the baby in your room at least for the first 6months or year.

Avoid couches and makeshift bedding.

It is highly not advisable to let your baby sleep in couches and makeshift beds when nobody is around.

Do Not Overheat Baby

Overheating may also cause a sudden death in infants. Baby sleeping safety tip is to dress them in clothing that’s warm but not hot.

Avoid Soft Toys While Sleeping

Cot bumpers, soft toys, pillows can cover babies to suffocate and die of overheating and lack of breathing. Avoiding to keep any soft materials in the cot is essential to Baby sleeping safe.

Baby Sleeping Safe Tips For Cot Sleeping

The feet of the baby in the cot should be feet close to the bottom end. It is advisable to use a baby sleeping bag with a fitted neck and armholes. Baby sleeping safe tips when you use lightweight bed covers is to tuck them in firmly, and they should come up to your Baby’s chest only. You should be careful that the mattress should be firm, and there should be no gap between the mattress and the edge of the cot.

Breastfeeding And Baby Sleeping Safe

Science has already proved that breastfeeding for at least six months can reduce SUDI and SIDS risk. There is no issue in breastfeeding your child in bed but ensure to remove pillows and bedding if you fall asleep. Then transfer your baby to his bassinet or crib as

soon as you wake up to ensure baby sleeping safety.

Most of the time, small babies fall asleep while breastfeeding, mainly when they get full.

If you feel your baby is asleep but hasn’t finished feeding, try to gently wake him/her by rubbing his back, burping him, or switching to the other breast.


Watching a baby sleeping in calm is a beautiful feeling for every parent. But thinking about the risk of cot death might bring a nightmare. Baby sleeping safe is not rocket science once you know the correct tips and get familiar with your Baby’s habit. So be sure about Baby sleeping safely with these tips, and you can watch your little munchkins sleeping beautifully without worries.

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