Nightmare And Terrors

Nightmare And Terrors In Toddlers – What To Do?

Nightmare affects adults and children alike. Just like adults, evil dreams wake your child up from their goodnight’s sleep. And that mostly happens when your child is tired or going through something stressful.

If you keep your toddler on a regular schedule, you can prevent the nightmare problems. Here, we will share a few tips with you that will help you do the right things during those terrible situations.

What Is A Nightmare?

Nightmares often happen during the second half of the night, and that includes some scary dreams that babies repeatedly think about it. Some research proved that many people have nightmares about the same thing frequently.

Well, like dreams, nightmares can also be unrealistic, but sometimes they are based on real-life incidents. When dreaming is the most intense, you will find your child waking up in the middle of the night. And during these times, there are some things you can do to comfort your child.

What Can Parents Do To Avoid Nightmare In Kids?

  • If you are not near your child right now, visit him/her as soon as possible
  • Assure him/her that you are always there and you won’t let anything happen to her
  • Encourage him to tell what happened during the dream and don’t forget to remind him that those dreams are not real
  • Tell her to keep her lights on while sleeping if it makes her feel better
  • Once she is feeling good, encourage her to go back to sleep
  • You can also offer her/him to sleep with you for the night if that makes her feel better or you can do the vice versa. Tell her that you can sleep beside her for the night.
  • Check out the room if there is any shadow that is scaring him. If that’s the case, make sure to eliminate it before it scares your child further.

Night Terrors

Toddlers and preschoolers often experience night terrors, which is a type of nightmare. It occurs when your boy is at the deepest stage of sleep, and that is usually early in the night. And when it happens, you will find your child doing the following things:

  • Crying uncontrollably
  • Sweat, shake or breathe fast
  • Feeling terrified or confused
  • Scream, kick or stare blankly at you
  • Not being able to realize you are there
  • Not recognizing you
  • They try to push you away when you want to hold them

These types of night terrors can last for as long as 45 minutes, but most of the time, it occurs for a shorter time. But after having a night terror, your child goes back to sleep because they were not awake at all. And during the night terror, your child will not remember what he has seen.

Sleep Cycle And Pattern Of Babies
Sleep Cycle And Pattern Of Babies

When you are feeling that your child is experiencing night terror, stay calm, and don’t try to wake him up. If he tries to get himself out of bed, gently prevent him. And if night terror or nightmare happens regularly, talk to your child’s doctor.

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