Proper Baby Sleeping Position – How To Find Out The Right Position

proper baby sleeping position

Parents need to know what position is safe for their baby to sleep in because the wrong sleeping position can be dangerous. Babies love to sleep, and most of their time is spent in sleep. That is why it makes it even more important to know the proper baby sleeping position. Everyone must know how to sleep and especially how not to sleep. But it is essential to know the proper baby sleeping position for a baby because a dangerous position can even lead to sudden infant death syndrome. It is mainly caused due to suffocation or strangulation. Babies sleep in various positions, but some of them might be risky for them. Listed below are some things that make it more transparent.

Sleep-on-stomach Proper Baby Sleeping Position

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It is not a proper baby sleeping position, as it can put pressure on the baby’s jaws and block the airways, making it difficult to breathe. Also, if the baby sleeps on the stomach, it makes their face very close to the sheet, which decreases the oxygen as it may result in breathing in recycled air. If the mattress is soft, it might block the baby’s airways from all sides. In this position, the nose is very close to the mattress, so the baby ends up breathing in the microbes present in the mattress and the sheet, leading to allergies.

Sleep-on-side Proper Baby Sleeping Position

It is also not a proper baby sleeping position. It is ok to let your baby lie in this position while they are awake but do not let them sleep in this position, as the baby may turn on their stomach, or sleeping in this position for a long time can cause pain or numbness in one side of the body.

Sleep-on-the-back Proper Baby Sleeping Position

It is the safest and proper baby sleeping position for infants. This position keeps the airways open and has almost no risks of suffocation. NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) of the US suggests the sleep-on-back position for both short naps and sound sleep throughout the night. It allows the kid to breathe correctly, and it also helps them move their feet and hands freely. But it also has some risks. Sleeping on the back for a long time may lead to positional plagiocephaly or brachycephaly. But these are not dangerous or chronic at all. Still, to avoid it, you can let your baby lie on the tummy when awake or keep turning the baby while not asleep.


Proper baby sleeping position is a topic that is very important to be discussed as it leads to baby’s growth and wrong position cause a lot of problems. If you are looking for the right baby position, you might want to try the above options. However, it is your responsibility to make sure your baby is comfortable in the position you put him in and the comfortability contributes much to the peaceful sleep he definitely needs. You might try changing the position in a week or so.

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