Safe Baby Sleeping Temperature – Ways To A Calm And Safe Sleep

safe baby sleeping temperature

Safe baby sleeping temperature regulation is mandatory as the babies cannot safely control it themselves. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature up until after 18 months of age. As for winters, they can be in danger of being chilled. You also need to take care of maintaining a safe baby sleeping temperature for all kinds of weather and atmosphere is essential. 

Safe Baby Sleeping Temperature – The Right Temperature

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It is important to instill good sleeping habits in your baby from an early stage. At the same time, several aspects need to be taken care of. One of them is the safe baby sleeping temperature in the house. It is a must for every household with infants and children. Temperature regulation is quite important to ensure that they are secure. If you set the temperature too high, it may cause overheating. The babies are more likely to remain silent instead of crying. So try to maintain a lower temperature and also do not load them with clothes when they sleep. You can invest in a room thermometer for careful regulation. 

Scorching Summer Heat

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Summers can be quite exhausting, so a proper and safe baby sleeping temperature is a need. If your baby gets too hot, they may be irritable, and their skin may be sweaty that can lead to dehydration. An ideal temperature during this season would be around 22 degrees or a bit higher. While it is important to cool the baby during this hot season, you should also ensure that that temperature is not set below 20 degrees. The babies do not stay in the room then the whole day, and they go out after their nap time, and a shift in temperature would be harmful to them. You can use dark and black curtains in the hot summer months to reduce the heat and light. A darker room also makes it easier for the babies to get some sleep on summer nights. 

Safe Baby Sleeping Temperature – Chilled Winter Nights

Extremely cold weather can also be quite intimidating, and you need to have a safe baby sleeping temperature during the chilled winters. If your baby gets too cold and is in danger of being chilled, then they tend to become quiet and still. Babies do not shiver and warm their bodies when it is too cold for them. So an ideal room temperature should be set for them, and it should be around 24 degrees. You should cover your baby with proper clothing and in a warm blanket during the winters to keep them warm and help them have a good night’s sleep.


It would help if you kept your babies comfortable while they sleep. Safe baby sleeping temperature is crucial for them so that they wake up happily. When you are finding your baby becoming uncomfortable with his regular sleeping place and he is having a happy nap in a different room, then the first thing you should be taking is the temperature because it might make a lot of difference. Not everything is about the Vibe and his favorite toys.

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