Sleep Pattern Variants

Sleep Patterns And Their Variants For Each Baby

Sleep patterns are important to understand in the case of newborns. Most of the newborn babies sleep all day or night except they wake up for a few hours for feeding. Different baby has different sleep patterns, and this can change in babies on a frequent basis.

Some babies sleep for four to five hours on a go or some can sleep for more than 8 to 9 hours too sometimes. Sleep patterns play a significant role in babies’ overall physical as well as mental development.

One needs to ensure that their baby sleeps a lot and there should be a minimal gap between consecutive naps of babies. This will help babies from being over-exhausted and save them from internal fuzziness. This will help parents as well as the child to understand each other. Below we are going to discuss how different child in different age groups acts during their sleep hours.

Sleep Pattern For Newborn To 3 Months Baby

Sleep Cycle Of A Baby: How To Maintain The Perfect Balance?
Sleep Cycle Of A Baby: How To Maintain The Perfect Balance?

Newborns tend to sleep off and on through all night and day. Sleep duration can vary from 8 to 18 hours a day. They have the tendency to sleep for short stretches. They need to be fed regularly and change their nappies regularly. Their sleep is light and half of the time they can be doing active sleeping.

To make a newborn understand the pattern of day and night, you need to engage yourself with them either by playing in the daytime. Also, try to provide your newborn with the quiet and dim light environment during the night. A newborn can learn this pattern of day and night when they are nearly 6 weeks old.

Sleep Pattern For Three To Six Months Child

During this stage, your child has developed a sense of sleeping pattern. With the above-stated process at this stage child will have less active sleeping and tend to sleep more during the night. Usually, in this period a child is expected to sleep for a period of 8 to 15 hours with quite sleep pattern. But they are expected to get awake once during the night.

Sleep Pattern For Six To Twelve Months

Lullaby And Baby Sleep Blanket Will Get Your Baby To Sleep Well
Lullaby And Baby Sleep Blanket Will Get Your Baby To Sleep Well

After six months a baby learns to sleep like an adult and has an average sleep of 13 hours daily. They mostly sleep during night hours with a duration of 9 to 12 hours. At this stage, the baby will not wake up frequently for feeding.

Even though they will need particular care because at this stage baby starts to recognize the people who are close to them. Therefore, the baby will feel comfortable and tend to sleep with the parents or caretakers who are close to them. Their daily daytime nap will also get decrease during this period.

Twelve Months And Above

After 12 months baby is more prone towards quiet sleep. At this stage, they tend to sleep for long hours, take a or two naps in a day, wake up one or two times during the night. At this stage, babies are more mature and have a continuous sleep pattern for a longer period.

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