Sleep Training Baby – 4 Months to Good Sleeping

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Are you wondering how to sleep train a baby? After all, this is the age where every baby needs his sleep. It is vital that they have at least eight hours of good sleep each night if they are to grow up healthy and strong. If not, problems such as obesity, irritability and anxiety can develop. So it is very important for parents to help their children to learn how to get the best sleep at the right time.

Train Your Infants In Early Months

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It is advisable that parents should train their infants in the early months so that the baby is used to going to sleep alone. Babies get used to the routine of going to bed at night by themselves and therefore, when the time comes for sleep training, they become excited about the idea. They may cry or even scream if they do not get a nap. So it is essential that parents make sure that the baby gets accustomed to sleeping alone before trying to sleep training.

The process of sleep training is simple and does not take long. It will only take about thirty minutes per day. It can start as soon as your baby is able to hold his own head up on his own. You can begin sleep training your baby by lying down on your back with your baby close to you. The baby can sleep well on your chest. Let him know that you are there and that he can trust you.

 Train A Baby Using The Snooztime Technique

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Parents often ask how to sleep train a baby using the Snooztime technique. This is an easy way to induce sleep in your infant. You simply have to place your hand on the back of your baby. He will soon feel relaxed and safe.

Your baby should also learn about sound. Place some soothing music in the background during sleep time. It will give him a good chance to learn when sound signals to him and when it is time to fall asleep. Music and dim lights also help babies fall asleep.

Keep The Bedding Clean

 Babies are able to sleep better if there are a comfortable mattress and a clean surface. Make sure that your baby has plenty of room to turn around and stretch out. A sleep training baby will learn to sleep better when surrounded by familiar surroundings.

If your baby has problems falling asleep during the day, try to feed him or her at night with a bottle of milk or a formula. Avoid feeding them anything before going to bed. Feeding them before they are usually sleepy can cause them to wake up. Do not leave food and liquids lying around on their feeding dish. These will keep your baby awake and may even make him scared of the food and liquids. Try to keep the baby in a dark room where there are no sounds of scuffling or scratching.

Bottom Line

It really will be amazing how much easier it is for you and your baby if you both commit to the process of sleep training. Your baby will become less fussy and cranky because he or she will be used to going to bed at specific times. You will also benefit because you will have more energy and sleep better at night. When you both stick to these things, you will both find that sleep training baby does work wonders.

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