Sleep Training Techniques From A Baby Whisperer

baby whisperer sleep training

It involves teaching your baby to fall asleep on their own, and many experts agree it does work. However, there are some things you should know before you jump into sleep training your baby. This article will help you understand the basics about how this technique works, as well as the things you should know before attempting sleep training your baby.

Babies Have Short Sleeping Periods

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First, you need to remember that babies have short sleeping periods, ranging from thirty to ninety minutes at a time. Therefore, learning how to get your baby to go to bed on their own is going to be a very difficult task. Your first goal should be to find out what causes your baby’s sleep problems. There are many reasons, including teething, illness, and even hunger. No matter what the reason is, finding out the cause will help you find solutions that work.

Another tip for your baby’s sleep training success is to set a good and realistic bedtime and nap schedule. Even if you are breastfeeding your baby, many studies show that babies will not sleep when breast fed at night. Using the same nap schedule as you are used to may help your baby fall asleep easier at night.

Encourage Your Baby To Go To Sleep

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There are many ways to encourage your baby to go to sleep. One way is to play soothing music. This is a great tool for many different reasons. It helps to distract your baby from the television and other noises. This technique also helps to get your baby interested in snuggling with you.

The Baby Whisperer also has CDs available that have training techniques on them. You can use these CDs while you are doing chores around the house, or while you are trying to put your baby to bed. These CD’s can help you teach your baby how to fall asleep quickly. After your baby is used to falling asleep in just a few short minutes, this will make it much easier to train your baby to go to bed without you.

Don’t let your baby cry until after he/she is completely done sleeping. This will only hurt your child’s development. Instead, pick up your baby after a short nap or an hour or two sleep. This will show your baby that crying is perfectly natural and that you will get him/her back soon.

Important Tips The Baby Whisperer

Of course, one of the most important tips the Baby Whisperer can offer is that there really is no such thing as too much sleep. As long as you are consistent, and if you are using any CD’s or books, keep your baby as busy as possible. If you need to take a break, do it. But, most of all don’t give up.

In the end, your baby will grow into an independent, self-confident young adult. If you are still struggling with getting your baby to fall asleep at night or keep him/her awake during the day, perhaps it is time for an upgrade. Maybe you should consider a baby audio CD that will not only help with your baby’s sleeping problems, but will help teach him to be independent. Babies do not always listen; they will do what is asked of them. Your job is to teach them what is asked of them.


The baby Whisperer also uses sound as a tool in his sleep training efforts. Certain tones and pulses at certain times of the day will help to establish bedtime routines. Your baby will hear these sounds and begin to associate them with falling asleep. These methods may not work immediately, but overtime your baby will sleep better and longer. A baby Whisperer also helps you to establish good eating and brushing habits. You can also learn how to fall asleep on your own without the assistance of anyone and continue to improve your parenting skills.

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