Sleeping Position For Baby – Hoping For A Good Night’s Sleep This Time

sleeping position for baby

It is very important to take proper notice of the baby’s sleeping position and is also essential to know the safe sleeping positions. The babies tend to sleep a lot, and the wrong sleeping positions can lead to sudden infants’ death syndrome that is the result of suffocation. So an ideal sleeping position for baby is a must-know thing to prevent your babies from injuring themselves.

Sleeping Position For Baby – Sleep On Back Position

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This is a safe sleeping position for baby. When you put your baby back to sleep, always remember that back is the best. Sometimes, it can so happen that your baby is not a born back sleeper and would end up rolling to their side or tummies. It can be a little troublesome for you as you have to check on them every time, but you should turn them gently if they have rolled to their sides. The best way to instill this habit is to do this from day one and regularly sleep on their backs. There may be instances that they struggle to fall asleep if you force them to sleep on their backs. Sleeping sideways will not cause any harm once the baby grows and gains strength.

Sleep On Stomach Position

This sleeping position for baby is usually considered unsafe and is discouraged by many people and doctors. It may put pressure on the babies’ jaw and thus reduce the airway that causes them to restrict their breath. The babies are most likely to breathe the same air if they sleep in this position as they may be lying with their faces too close to the sheets. Other possible dangers like vomiting may happen if the babies carry this position for too long. However, certain claims are said that this position can be allowed when the doctors allow them for some rare reasons.

Sleeping Position For Baby – Sleep On Side Position

This sleeping position for baby is also not recommended. So if you notice your baby sleeping on their sides, it becomes important to change their position. Some people have this misconception that this position is somewhat safer for babies who vomit, but this is not the case. This position has no benefits for the infants. Another major risk for this sleep position for baby is that they are most likely to roll back on their stomach, which is considered unsafe.


It is also important to note that for the sleeping position for baby, you should not use any devices used to hold a baby in an ideal position as they are not safe, and babies can suffocate due to this. You should be careful about dealing with babies especially when they are put to sleep. In the initial years, you should be giving the support the babies need to ensure they have a healthy development and same amount of concentration should be given to their sleeping positions as well. Consider how sensitive and delicate babies copy, the adults must ensure they follow the instructions about the sleeping position for baby.

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