The Best Sleeping Baby Position That You Can Try

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Good and uninterrupted sleep keeps a child happy and healthy. If a child does not get the proper amount of sleep, she/he becomes irritable. We all know how important a correct body posture is. We must be aware of the fact that body posture is not only important while sitting or standing, but it is also an important factor while sleeping. If the sleeping position of your child is incorrect, it can bring a lot of damage to your child. SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the unexplained death of an infant during sleep. So, you need to maintain the best sleeping baby position.

Sleep On Back: Best Sleeping Baby Position

This is the safest sleeping position of a newborn child. Though there are some risks, overall this sleeping baby position is safe. It decreases the chances of SIDS.  This sleeping baby position has been labeled as the best sleeping position for babies by The US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Several types of research show that SIDS has been decreased by 50% after this sleeping position has been applied to children. As the airways are open in this position, the chances of SIDS are minimal. But if the infant is laid in this position for a long time, it can lead to ‘positional plagiocephaly’. 

Cons of Sleep On The Stomach And Sleep On the Side 

These two sleeping baby positions involve a lot of risks. When a baby sleeps on the stomach, the stomach endures immense pressure. The baby may face suffocation which can lead to fatal results. If the mattress is not enough clean, the baby may breathe in the microbes. In some special cases, the doctors advise or allow the children to sleep on the stomach position.

Sleep on the side sleeping position is safer for a baby. But babies have a tendency to roll while sleeping and often they end up sleeping on the stomach position which can lead to the aforementioned risks. So it is better to avoid this sleeping position. 

Tips For Best Sleeping Baby Position

Besides choosing the best sleeping position for your baby, you need to be aware of some facts which have an impact over the sleeping habit of your child.

1. Put the blanket carefully- Cover your baby in the blanket carefully. Put the blanket up to the chest of your child and keep his/her hands outside it. Otherwise, it can lead to fatal suffocation. It allows the air to pass freely in the blanket and keep the child relaxed.

2. Keep The Room Cool- It is difficult for a baby to sleep in a room which is hot and lacks an outlet. The ideal temperature of the room for your baby should be 20-degree centigrade.

3. Nights Clothes Should Not Be Tight- Do not dress the baby in too tight or too loose nightwear. S/he may feel uncomfortable and the baby’s sleep will get hampered. Use light nightwear.

4. Use Firm Mattresses- Providing a soft mattress to a baby is not a good idea. Use firm mattresses. Any soft toy or cushions should not be there in the baby’s crib or cot. These things may cover the child’s head and suffocate them.

Try out these tips for a good and uninterrupted sleep of your babies.

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