The Best Way to Give Your Baby a Good Nights Sleep

baby sleeping in fetal position

Once you master it, there will no longer be a point of stressing out about your baby sleeping in a different position. This article will teach you how to make your baby sleep in his own turn instead of letting him sleep in your turn. It is indeed simple and easy!

In previous generations, babies were mostly not encouraged to sleep in their mothers’ arms or in their own beds. The primary reason is that the baby’s position during sleep may cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. If we can’t keep them safe then what else can we do to make sure that they are well taken care of?

Discourage Parents From Putting Their Baby In Their Beds

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This is the reason why most hospitals discourage parents from putting their baby in their beds at night. They say that there is just no way that a baby can sleep safely in his bed. I agree with them. Babies cannot sleep well on their own because of their awkward and unstable position while asleep. However, there are ways to help your baby sleep in a better position so he will not have to suffer from SIDS.

One way to help the baby sleep in his own turn is to put him in a sleep position which will help him get more comfortable. You see, you don’t only want to stop your baby from dying but also you want to make sure that he will grow up as healthy as possible. So, sleeping in an upright position is one way to ensure that your baby grows up as a healthy adult. Now that you know this, you should also know that you should put your baby in a sleep position that is also comfortable for him.

Bed Is In An Upright Position

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How do you do this? First, you need to make sure that his bed is in an upright position. And the best position for your baby would be a sleeping position with his bottom on your thighs. Now if your baby has already turned two or three months, it is advisable that he learns how to fall asleep by himself. If you decide to do this, then make sure that you place a blanket on him. This is because babies tend to cry more when they are awake than when they are asleep.

As for your baby, you will have to put him in a position where he will be able to see something that is above him like ceiling or table. Also, his bottom should be on the floor, not in the middle of the floor. Just make sure that your baby will not see anything that will distract him from falling asleep. When your baby is asleep, you can put him in a bassinet.

Do Not Worry Too Much

You see, there really is no such thing as a bad or a good sleep position for your baby. Just take note of these things and make sure that you know what to do if your baby starts to whine or cry while he is asleep. He may just be in a protective mode.

In any case, you still need to check on him frequently to ensure that he is still breathing. As for your baby sleeping in a fetal position, do not worry too much. This could just be a temporary thing which will go away as soon as he gets older.


But if the crib seems to be the best sleeping position for your baby, you might want to consider purchasing a bassinet for him as well. Bassinets are available in many different shapes and sizes. They even have convertible sides so that your baby can grow up into it. However, you can always use a traditional crib during the first few months and then introduce him to the bassinet after that.

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