The Nested Bean Bed Sleep Sacks Will Help You Create a Comfortable Night Time Routine For Your Baby

nested bean sleep sack

The Nested Bean Sleep Sack is a very unique wearable blanket sold specifically to mothers whose young ones have just recently been switching from being swaddled to sleeping in a more natural, comfortable way. What makes this item so special compared to other similar sleep bags, is that it actually has a removable cover that can be zipped open for cleaning. This type of blanket is made out of durable polyethylene, which is also a soft material that keeps the baby warm and cozy. In fact, this is also what many mothers use in order to recover their pre-baby sleep. The following are some of the best reasons why parents should invest in these sleep bags:


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While many parents will claim that they’ve successfully taught their children to go to bed at an early hour by using the so-called “traditional” sleep aids such as a nested bean sleep sack, there are a lot of parents who still believe that these sleep deprived infants are going to make up for it with teething from the teething ring when they’re nine months old. It’s because of this belief that parents buy these teething rings for their babies. As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon to hear that some babies even continue to cry even after they’ve grown two to three months old. With this kind of evidence, parents can now at least say that they’ve been successful in teaching their kids to go to bed earlier and to stay asleep until they are nine months old!

Easy To Sleep

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Another great benefit of these sleep sacks, which is perhaps the most obvious one, is the fact that they can easily be used by both infants and toddlers. What makes them ideal for this is the fact that they come with a removable cover that can be zipped open. However, it would be better if you get a pair that’s attached to your crib or cradle so that your baby won’t have to deal with the mess. When these kinds of sleep sacks are used as a base, many parents find that they can make their baby feel more secure and comfortable when they are sleeping on their own.


Parents also love the fact that these swaddling items are made from cotton and are quite thin. There is nothing bulky about them at all and they certainly won’t interfere with your baby’s comfort. The benefit of a cotton cover is that it allows air circulation to circulate underneath it so that your child will feel more comfortable and to get a better night’s rest. In addition, cotton is also easier to wash and is definitely less harmful for the baby’s skin.


The zen swaddling blanket is made from cotton, so it’s also very safe for your kid’s delicate skin. The good thing about using a zen sack during your baby’s early months is the fact that he or she will be able to sleep through the night without having to cry for help. This helps develop motor skills and self-control, which are especially important for toddlers. Of course, you always want to watch over your toddler and make sure that they are getting enough sleep but there’s no reason why you have to wake them up every few hours just to give them attention. With a properly swaddle blanket, you will have a peace of mind that they are in the safest possible position without suffocating.

Feeling Of Goodness

It’s important to note that many babies seem to enjoy the feeling of being wrapped up with these sleep sacks. Babies love to feel warm and cozy and a nest of cotton is perfect for this. Many parents will testify that they find that their baby feels more secure and comfortable when they are kept close to a loved one like this. They’ll actually sleep better because they know that their parents will be right there beside them and will be watching over them and keeping an eye on how they are doing.

High Quality Material

For a more natural feel, try buying a sleeveless Nested Bean Sleep Sack with a pair of non-toxic poly beads that can be found in a wide array of colors that are suitable for any child. These poly beads work just like cotton when it comes to insulation so keep in mind that your baby won’t be getting overheated because of the stuffed feel. You may also opt to buy a sleeveless Sleep sack with removable coverings. These sleep sacks come fully lined and are usually machine washable. However, you should still check with your baby’s pediatrician whether or not the poly beads in the Sleep sack could pose a choking hazard since most babies tend to put their fingers through the sleeves of the Sleep sack.

Wrapping Up

Many parents will tell you that music is wonderful for calming babies and keeping them calm during the day. Adding a lullaby CD to your baby’s bedtime routine will not only help him or her fall asleep easier at night but will also help in settling him or her into a relaxing, peaceful sleep. There are several soft and soothing songs that you can choose from. To make your own lullaby CD, all you need are several baby CDs that feature different baby songs. The good thing about this type of CD is that they are relatively inexpensive and are readily available in most baby stores and online.

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