Things To Do And Not Do While Sleep Training Baby Standing In Crib

sleep training baby standing in crib

Most babies will learn quickly

But, if you are worried that

Practice With Your Baby

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Allow Your Babies Some Practice Time Right In The Crib

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Sleep Training


Don’t Carry Them Around Always

If you have a habit of carrying your baby everywhere with you – in the house or even when outside – it is high time that you change it. Your babies might miss you during their sleeping time and stand up in their cribs wanting to get near to you. Leave them in the crib or carry them along in a stroller to make them forget this habit and have a peaceful night of sleep.

Give Them Some Alone Time

You need to leave your babies alone sometimes. That does not mean that you need to leave them alone in the house. You can leave them with their toys and keep an eye on them from the other room. This will help your babies grow their maturity and will also help them realize their schedules. Within a few days your baby won’t be standing up in the crib again.

Wrapping Up

As with most sleep regressions and phases, they do end, eventually. The key is not to make new habits you will have to break. To get through 3 weeks of difficulty, some families are having sleep problems for months. Short-term sleep deprivation is challenging but if you put a bit more work in up-front, you will all be sleeping more in a couple of weeks!

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