Tips For Having A Baby Sleep Well In The Proper Position

proper position sleeping baby

However, most of us are not very sure what this means and how we should go about taking care of the baby while we are sleeping. We just try to figure out how we will be able to fit into our sleeping bags. We never bother to consider the fact that we will be spending the majority of our time in our bags. The bottom line is, our baby will not be getting a proper amount of sleep and if we don’t take care of ourselves, the result would be that our baby would get very tired and irritable.

There are certain natural techniques which will help us to achieve the best position for sleeping. If you follow these techniques properly, you can take care of your baby and will be able to have a nice peaceful sleep without letting him or her to wake up at all. In fact, by paying attention to the position you adopt while you are sleeping, you can get a better sleep. Your sleeping pattern will improve drastically. You will also be able to save some money on electric devices which are now so expensive.

Side Sleeping Position

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The first natural method of sleeping that can be adopted is that which is called the side sleeping position. All babies are different from one another. Some of them like to sleep on their stomachs. This means that they should be placed in a horizontal position with their knees bent. The mother’s head should be resting on the small of her back, and the baby’s forehead should be resting on the same line with her forehead.

The next natural position for sleeping is the side sleep. Again, all babies are different. One of the best ways to adopt this position is with the help of a baby sling. A baby sling will allow you to keep your baby in this proper position without moving him or her.

Sleep On Your Chest

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Another way to go about it is by having him or her sleep on your chest. This is considered to be the safest and most comfortable position for a baby. It allows you to keep an eye on your baby while at the same time you can see your baby. Your baby will not be able to roll over and see things going on around him or her. It is recommended that you breastfeed your baby while he or she is in this position. Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to promote proper breathing and can be done in a quiet room.

There are also some parents who like to have their babies sleep on their backs. This is also good for the baby. This is because the baby will not be able to roll over and see other things going on around him or her. Just make sure that the baby is sleeping in the right position and that there are no blankets or pillows that could get in the way of the baby’s position.


When your baby is awake, you will notice that he or she is not able to sleep well if they are in the wrong posture. The same goes for the baby when he or she is sleeping in the wrong position. You should try to have your baby sleep in the proper position, no matter what. A baby who sleeps on his or her stomach has a very difficult time sleeping and can become dehydrated.

Also, there are babies who sleep in the side position, which is a dangerous position and could cause suffocation. Always make sure that your baby is in the proper position when you are trying to sleep.


You should also keep in mind that a baby cannot turn around too much. Babies should be placed on their sides with their head resting on the pillow. A baby who sleeps on his or her back is most likely not getting the proper nutrients that he or she needs.

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