Useful Insights For Parents Figuring Is Baby Sleeping On Stomach Safe Or Not

is baby sleeping on stomach safe

Parenthood is one of the religious experiences to be cherished. However, it comes with numerous responsibilities to attain. There is always a first time of everything. It takes several trials and errors to develop a skill.

But, in some cases, it is not worth taking chances. You must prepare yourself with enough knowledge. Thus, understanding to acknowledge the same. Baby caring is one of those duties you can’t take with a lenient approach.

Sleeping is a crucial aspect of our livelihood. It is the phase where our body heals itself. When it comes to our little ones, it becomes even more essential. They must get proper rest for good health. Yet, there are some facts and possibilities that should not be ignored. 

If you are a newbie parent dealing with lots of queries then, this article can help you. Know in detail if a baby sleeping on the stomach safe or not?

Is A Baby Sleeping On A Stomach Safe Or Not

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Research says that the comfortable position for your baby of age between 4 to 6 months is on their back. This is an age when your baby will start to make tiny movements such as turning, rolling, crawling, etc.

It is recommended that your baby should not get the baby to sleep on his/her stomach. She provided unless he/she unconsciously gets into that position by itself.

Know Risks And Likelihoods Involved On Is Baby Sleeping On Stomach Safe Or Not 

Myths On SIDS 

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It is the most common myth that the baby sleeping on the stomach can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). However, it is not proven yet.

So, you should not believe in hearsay in such cases. Consider consulting the doctor if your baby uncovers some symptoms of sickness. The reason could be different and may vary.

Hence, it can be comforted with proper medication under the doctor’s supervision.


  • It might happen that the baby will turn his back and fall asleep on his stomach.
  • Hence, if you don’t want this to happen, then place pillows on the sides.
  • Use a baby crib or surface should be flat and comfortable. It should not be bumpy and hard.


Besides, some pediatricians say that babies tend to sleep better on their stomachs. But, for the safer side, it is suggested that the back sleeping position is best until the baby attains the age of 1 year. There are certain risk factors involved. Stomach sleeping for a long can hurt their breathing.

As the short answer is baby sleeping on stomach safe, it is not. (for the baby younger than a year). However, it is fine to get short tummy sleeping activity for joy.

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