What Are The Best Sleeping Position For Gassy Baby To Burp – Must Know Facts

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Well, several babies produce extra gasses. Therefore they need extra care to burp from time to time. Also, babies need to burp a lot extra than the older kids. Why?  Since babies tend to drink away all the calories, this makes them gulp a lot of air. Hence it is pretty important that you burp your baby day and night. However, in many cases, we find, the baby falls asleep while eating. And this is the time where the mother needs to find a solid solution to make the baby’s burp without waking up the baby. So here is the best sleeping position for gassy baby to burp which will help you learn few extra things which will help you with your parenting. 

Now How To Burp A Sleeping Baby?

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To be precise, it is very common to find sleeping babies while eating, right? As soon they are full they go slow. This relaxing time makes them drift off and fall asleep. Now to make the baby burp, slowly hold the baby in a slightly upright position. This puts moderate pressure on the tummy. Also, see whether your baby is excreting right after eating. If not then try changing the napkin before feeding. This ensures sound sleep since you are not going to wake your infant up for burping. 

You Can Make Your Baby Burp In Between Changing Sides

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Most often we find a sleepy baby, might start enjoying their meal so much that they might overeat. Certainly, they don’t realize the importance of burp. As a responsible mother help, your infant to have a gentle burp. This also helps in preventing any stomach pain. So, how to do it? Make your baby burp before switching to your next breast, or before you change the bottle. Not only this helps the baby to make some more space for a happy meal but also reduces the chances of spitting up any food. 

More On The Best Sleeping Position For Gassy Baby To Burp

Place your sleeping baby in a semi-upright position. Gently take control and move your baby all the way upright and straight to your shoulder. Now, put a soft pressure from the shoulder that will exert a soft push to their belly thus releasing the gas. Also, try maintaining the bib, in case your baby spits up.

You Can Hold Your Baby Lower Down On Your Chest

This one is pretty similar to the previous example. However, hold your baby near to your chest. Sit on your couch since this will make you comfortable. With you sitting comfortably on the couch will make the baby curl up in a frog-like position. This wil help with letting out the gas from their bottom. As a mother, your role will be to support their head and wait till your infant burps. 


Well, these are the best sleeping position for gassy baby to burp. These are simple steps that leave you from chances to waking your baby up. Try these natural steps to help your baby burp and have a healthy sound sleep.

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