What Is The Best Sleeping Position For Gassy Babies

best sleeping position for gassy baby

They feel that it will help the baby’s airway to be able to better flow during the night. But, this is simply not true! The child needs to be sleeping well to get the most out of his or her sleep. Here are three tips to helping you get the best sleeping position for your baby.

Best Sleeping Position For A Gassy Baby

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First, the best sleeping position for a gassy baby is one that promotes plenty of neck and head support. There is a misconception that if a baby is not sleeping well, it is because he or she is having trouble breathing. This simply isn’t true, as babies do not require as much air flow during the actual process of breathing.

The best position for a baby to sleep in is on his or her side with his or her knees up on pillows. This encourages the baby to sleep on their back and helps to keep the airways open. Also, placing the baby on his or her side will allow the child to see everything going on around them during the night. This may seem like a small thing but it will help keep the baby’s sleep routines consistent and help him or her to learn more at night.

You also want to make sure your baby is sleeping with his or her bottom on the bed. This will keep the baby’s stomach in the same position all night long. It will also help the baby to become used to sleeping on his or her tummy instead of his or her back. Remember that when baby is comfortable with sleeping on his or her tummy, he or she will be less likely to roll over onto his or her stomach during the night. It is also easier for baby to turn over if his or her bottom is on a flat surface rather than an incline.

Sit Upright And Look Forward Into The Future

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If possible, try to position baby in a sitting position during the day. This allows baby to sit upright and look forward into the future. This is a great position for babies who are easily excited.

Option For A Sleeping Position

Another option for a sleeping position for a baby with colic is on his or her side. This position is a good choice if the baby is alert enough during the day to move around and not fall asleep on the couch. Baby can see how the world outside moves by looking at him or her in the eyes. This is a good position for infants who are able to lie down without any trouble during the night. Baby can be propped up on pillows if necessary.

As the baby gets older, you will find that the best sleeping position for him or her will depend on his or her individual comfort needs. It is important that the baby is comfortable in the position that he or she sleeps in most of the time.

Summing Up

When trying to select the best sleeping position for your baby, it is always advisable to keep several things in mind. The baby should be sleeping on a firm mattress with a firm base that doesn’t shift or rock during sleep. Mom and/or Dad should be softly touching the baby during sleep as this promotes a feeling of security. The baby should have plenty of room to turn around as well as roll over and sit up on his or her own. All of these tips should be followed in order to ensure that the baby sleeps well.

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