What is the Best Way to Sleep With Your Baby

best baby position sleeping

The best baby position for a successful sleep routine is a baby that sleeps on their back. Most parents believe that if their baby sleeps on their stomach they are likely to sleep better, but this simply isn’t true. A baby that sleeps on their back has less control over their body and this makes them much more likely to wake up than a baby that sleeps on their stomach. In addition to that, it’s just more comfortable for them.

It’s also easier for moms with large babies to get them into the right sleeping position. A baby that is constantly being pulled and propped up will not be as likely to fall asleep on their own, even if they do fall asleep while being carried. Having your baby on their back makes it easier because there’s less weight to carry around and the baby is already used to being carried this way.

Know About The Child’s Comfort Zone

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When trying to find the best baby position for your baby, pay attention to how comfortable they are. If your baby struggles or moves when you change the position, it may not be the best position. Keep an eye on their progress as you try different things until they get into the habit of sleeping in this particular position. Some parents also find that having more than one pillow can help them keep each child comfortably asleep. Having two pillows is also very good for twins.

Check That Your Kid Is Allowed To Roll Over

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Most babies are comfortable lying flat on their back, but some don’t like it too much. Your baby should be able to roll over onto their stomach easily and just fall asleep. Some babies enjoy being higher, but others prefer to be lower. Again, try to watch their progress as you keep changing their sleeping positions. Babies should roll over fairly easily and won’t have too much trouble staying asleep if they are put in a lying position. You may even be surprised by how much easier it is for them to fall asleep this way.

Sleeping In A Side Sleeper

Another option for the best baby position is sleeping in a side sleeper. This is perfect for newborns who need their mothers to breastfeed them. Just make sure that you don’t put your baby in a high position. This is very bad for newborns, so they should only be sleeping in a high position if you are taking them in the hospital. However, most side sleepers are very comfortable for newborns who are just going through the transition from being babies to being toddlers.

The best baby position for your newborn may not be the same as the best position for your older children. Your younger child can still turn around and see what is going on, but your older child will be much more likely to fall asleep sitting up. It can take some practice to get your child to turn around, but they should learn it much more easily. Your child can be encouraged to turn toward you while you are talking, giving them a better view of what you are doing. They can also be gently put in their best sleeping position, if possible.

Summing Up

When trying to find the best baby position, there are so many factors at play. Do whatever you can to keep things as comfortable as possible for your baby. If you are struggling, then find a baby monitor on the market that can help you. Using a baby monitor will let you keep track of your baby, while also letting you know when your baby is either sleeping or trying to get to the top of their sleep cycle.

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