Why You Should Avoid Having Your Baby Sleeping on Your Stomach

baby sleeping position on stomach

Most parents are always concerned about their baby’s sleeping position. If you read “Solving the Baby Sleeping Problems” by Dr. William Sears, you will get some useful tips for solving this problem. This book is a practical guide written for new parents to help them overcome the sleeping problems that their babies have. In particular, this book describes how to make your baby sleep in a relaxed, comfortable and secure position on your back, side or stomach.

The problem that most parents encounter is that they find their baby sleeping on their stomach. They feel uncomfortable and this makes it difficult for their baby to sleep well. Actually, this position – your baby is not well-off. What you should do is to support your baby’s neck and head with your hand while he or she is asleep.

An Overview

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Your baby sleeping on your stomach may also be due to a health problem. Consult your doctor and get the right advice for treating this health problem. You may also be able to treat this sleeping problem by getting your baby to sleep in a supine position. The advantages of this position are that it will allow your baby to sleep well and you will not have to deal with his or her tail wagging.

In order to determine the baby’s sleeping position, hold your finger tip below your baby’s nose and hold it there for 30 seconds. Then, check your baby’s position and see if he or she is comfortable in it. Some babies cry or whine when they are not able to sleep. When this happens, take your baby to the nursery or your parents’ room and ask their help. It is important to explain to your parents that you want to sleep with your baby in this particular position.

Why Shouldn’t Babies Sleep On Stomach?

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A baby’s crib may not have the best quality and your baby may not be as comfortable as he used to be when you are using it. If this is the case, you can use a bassinet to sleep your baby. Bassinets are available in different designs, styles and colors. You can buy one that has two beds or one with three beds.

Some parents feel that a baby should not sleep on their stomach. This is because babies have the tendency to roll over onto their stomach when they are asleep. This rolling may injure your baby’s neck. A better sleep position is to keep your baby asleep on your back, with his or her bottom on your chest. The baby will roll onto his or her stomach only if his or her bottom touches the mattress.

Keep in mind that no matter how nice it is to sleep in a certain position, never let your baby sleep in a lying position. Sleeping in any position other than a lying position can harm your baby. Babies roll off of the stomach due to airways getting blocked during sleep. In addition, putting a pillow between a baby’s legs when he or she is lying on his or her back can help prevent this from happening. If you feel that your baby is tired, put him or her to bed in an upright position.

Bottom Line

It is also very important for your baby to go to sleep and wake up at the same time. As long as this is not done, your baby will develop a habit of waking up at different times during the day. Your baby’s sleep position can help prevent this. If you find that your baby is not sleeping well, take him or her to see his or her pediatrician as soon as possible. By getting help as early as possible, your baby can get the sleep he or she needs and be safe.

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