Why You Should Never Put Your Baby to Sleep in a Prone Position

baby sleeping in prone position

Many mothers struggle with their baby sleeping in the prone position. There are many reasons for this including being uncomfortable with your own sleeping position and not understanding what is best for your baby. There is one main reason that babies do not sleep well when they sleep in the prone position. It is because of the risk of injury if they lie on their backs or stomach. If you are going to try to stop your baby from sleeping in the prone position then you will be taking them out of their comfort zone, which may cause them discomfort.

One reason that many parents struggle with the baby sleeping in the prone position is that they have trouble getting the baby to sleep when they are in a horizontal position. Sleep position is very important for the baby to get the proper amount of sleep. Your baby should be sleeping on their back, stomach or in a side sleeper position. No baby should ever sleep on their stomach.

An Overview

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When the baby sleeps in a horizontal position, they often wake up in the morning because their stomach or back is tired and they need to stretch. When they sleep in a side sleeper position, they are often side-ridden because they are not comfortable with their back or stomach being fully supported. Your baby should never sleep in the prone position when awake because of the potential for injury to occur. Your baby’s spine will lengthen when they sleep in this position and it can become injured. You can also hear your baby struggling to get their head or spine to lie flat which is also a sign that your baby is uncomfortable in the position. You can help baby to sleep better by providing a better crib or baby carrier.

Most baby carriers and cribs are not designed with your baby sleeping in the prone position. The exception is bassinets that have slides on the side. You may notice that some brands offer a car seat attachment that can be used to make a stroller that will fit inside the bassinet. This way, your baby will be well supported while riding in the stroller.

Baby Sleeping Positions

It is important for the baby to be able to sleep in a specific position. They should never sleep on their stomach or back, and you should never put a baby to bed in a sideways position. If your baby tries to lay flat, it can cause them neck and back problems later in life. Remember, your baby will be more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome as they get older if they sleep in an improper position. So make sure they are sleeping in the correct position to avoid this problem.

There are many baby accessories that can be used to help baby sleep in the proper position. A swaddling blanket, music, a warm bath, and rocking are all common methods to getting the baby into a good sleep. Swaddling blankets are very helpful because they keep baby warm and cozy. The music helps to soothe baby and provide soothing music while they are falling asleep.

To fall asleep, babies need to be comfortable and calm. Rocking, and having music playing in the background is a great way to keep your baby calm while they are falling asleep. A warm, wet swaddle will also keep baby much more comfortable. You should never leave your baby unattended while they are awake. Babies can easily walk off and get injured.

In The End

A baby sleep routine will make sure that your baby gets plenty of sleep. Following a regular sleeping routine will help baby to grow up with good posture and healthy habits. So, give your baby the opportunity to sleep in a natural sleep position and watch your baby develop healthy habits.

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